Sunday, September 2, 2012

Vicki comes to play...(8/20)

Another graduation... this one was one that Mom had me be the demo dog at... but she also wanted to show off the great dogs that were in this class. Two dogs were missing, but this certainly was a "big dog" class!!!
So, Vickie came to play with us on the farm. She spent some extra time at Aunt Linda's because I had to have some surgery .. (nothing special.. just the surgery that all puppies have to have when they get big enough). Mom made me stay quiet for almost a week, so I was pretty happy when i was "cleared to play again!!"
Vickie had fun at the farm (Mom wishes she had taken more pictures).. but she met all the animals and played with me and some of the other dogs.. and just had the time to do things without her Mom... which is part of doing a puppy swap.
Mom said we were a cute pair... and Vickie's Mom was sure happy to have her back once again. I'll be seeing her again at the check in's , but I think we are good friends...

always an adventure.... Bogey

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  1. Adorable. Vicki had a wonderful time, I can see! Thanks again for taking good care of her...June