Sunday, December 27, 2009

haven't forgotten..

Hi Everyone, well if you have been checking this blog, you see that not too much has been written here lately... couple of reasons.. my Mom has (had) been quite sick for the past couple of weeks and hasn't felt up to doing much. We were suppose to meet with the other puppy families a couple of Mondays ago, and she was just too sick to even go there... we were both "bumming". And then with the Christmas holiday, we have been just so busy doing all those sorts of things.. and thirdly... "our computer" is broken, for now we can borrow this computer and do some postings but can't add any pictures. However, I can tell all of you that I am doing very well... I have done some "field trips" and can go a little longer each time ... today we did Walmart for nearly a half hour!!! and I have been to see the doggie doctor... got some shots, but I didn't mind. I also met "Santa" and visited the fire station and got to see the big trucks. Hopefully, the computer will be fixed soon and Mom can post some stories in details along with all the cute pictures she has of me... so, stay tuned, we'll catch up as soon as we can.... Love Chester.

Monday, December 7, 2009

what is this?????

So, as if my day didn't start out exciting enough... do you know that humans bring real trees into the house??? Well, mine did anyways... and then, they began to put all kinds of "balls" on it. The kitties and I have been told "not to touch", and they watch us very carefully... just to make sure that we don't... but what ARE they thinking.. a tree covered in balls... that's almost too much for a puppy!!!
But then..... the MOST amazing thing happened...

We went out side for "last call" (as Mom calls it) and when I stepped out onto the porch.. the world was so different from what I had ever seen!!!

It was cold, and wet, and white... and I LOVED it. Right away I began to race around!!! Mom kept telling me "better go now".. but how in the world can you think of doing "that" when there is all "this"!!!

I zoomed, I rolled, I ATE, and then I did it all over again. Mom just shook her head and laughed at me, she tried to get some pictures of me and my first snow... but I fear I did not stop long enough for her to do that.

We stayed out to play for a little bit, and then it was getting to be bedtime and we needed to go in. I wasn't too impressed that this "snow stuff" sticks to my paws....

but, I think I like it overall.

Snow and Christmas Tree... add to more things on my "I know what that is" list......

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

chester's news

Hello everyone, it's me again -- things are going well, and I am showing everyone that I am the BEST puppy there ever was!!! My house training is really coming, I think that I "almost" get it. I go to the door to ask to go out (course you have to be sure the humans are paying attention!!) I see that's what the other dogs do, so I basically follow them. I have had a couple of "accidents' in the house, but Mom says that's her fault for not watching me closer and picking up on my "signals" (whatever that means).

I am feeling a little better about wearing my working clothes and have decided that I can walk with them on and I don't need to roll around so much.

I had the best time last night Mom took me with her and Camille to puppy class. Actually it was graduation at puppy class (those other puppies are so smart)... but I still got to do play time and meet some new friends.

One new friend in particular is Mya, she's a Boxer. I really liked her because she would play rough with me.. though Mom and Rick (Mya's Dad) did break us up every now and again.. they said that they didn't want anyone to have "hurt feelings"... but Mya is neat. AND I will probably be able to see her fairly often, because Mom and Rick are good friends, and they can set up play dates for us.

When it was time for the other puppies to do their work, I waited quietly in a crate and watched the class. Mom said that I will be working in the next puppy class... Sadie is going to be my partner because Mom will have to teach.. so Sadie said that she would come and work with me.

And here are the five puppies that graduated last night. They're almost as cute as I am.

I haven't been doing too much, I do go in the truck every day, and Mom works with me on the leash and doing my "sit and down" work, plus my "comes"... I have completely settled in and know things like, cats will scratch you when they have had too much, Trevor will growl twice and then you best leave him alone... Camille is like my Mom and she watches over everything, and old Cole can't see, so he will probably trip over you...I like going to the barn and seeing all the friends down there as well. Mom says it won't be too long before we start some public field trips... that should be fun!!! OH.. and I want to say a special hello to my friends.. the Milliard family.. they wrote to Mom and told her that they took care of me!!!! Mom was so happy to hear from them and hopes that they will stay in touch and will enjoy reading this blog!!!! Well, that's all I can think to write about tonite... thanks for reading...