Thursday, June 10, 2010

it's been forever

Hello everyone, no I haven't forgotten you, and neither has Mom. It' s just that she has been so busy and keeping up with one blog is a lot right now, so sadly, my blog has been a little forgotten. But I am doing well... very well and I have been staying quite busy. So, here is a little of what I have been doing over the past month.

Aside from my training, I do get to be a "real dog". In fact, Mom is always making sure that I get to be a dog and a puppy... not just a "future" service dog. And we do all sorts of fun things as well. One that was kind of fun...


We had a week of very hot weather (which I must say, I am not so sure that I liked that!!! snow was more fun in some ways!!) But Mom said something about "let's go swimmin'" and Trevor just went crazy (he LOVES to swim). So, we all went down the lake and Trevor jumped right into the water. I wasn't so sure what he was up to, but I decided to follow him, and look where I ended up!! At first I wasn't so sure what to do, and got a little scared, but then I got my legs moving and kept me head up.. and there I was... "swimmin" I only went in that one time on that day, Mom says that here will be plenty of swimmin' time over the summer so I am sure that I will try it again. I must say I did feel much better afterwards.. the water is certainly nice and cool.

A few days later we attended a parade for Memorial Day. There were lots of things to look at.. bands, floats, firetrucks.. kids in cub scout and girl scout groups.. other dogs.. lots of people. I took it all in stride and really enjoyed the actives. I like getting out and about.

I have also been attending the usual dog classes, and going into stores and restaurants.. and doing all the usual "service dog stuff". There is a graduation coming up, while Mom and I will attend again, and another "city training day with Dave". I hear too that my friend Kelly will be heading back for her training, so I will need to be saying good bye to her. But, again, even though we haven't been blogging much.. Mom and I are doing well.. and as always...

I am yours....Chester