Friday, March 27, 2009

Moxie's birthday gift

A new blog... a big decision...a special day. Today would have been Moxie's 12th birthday, sadly she is not here to share it with me as she passed on February 3, 2009. She was (is) a huge part of my life and to say that I miss her greatly, hardly even begins to tell the story.

I have, however, decided that I "want" to do something about "this".. I could continue (and actually probably will) cry over it, or I can get active and be positive. So... in honor of my dear little dog, I have applied to be a puppy raiser with hopes that a puppy that lives with me for a short time, will become a life long companion of someone who needs them.

Paper work is coming from NEADS, an organization that I know well. If and when "my" puppy arrives, this blog will be the journal I will keep with regards to raising a service puppy. My goal is that when the puppy is one day matched with it's new owner, this journal will be copied and passed onto them.

So, on Moxie's birthday... I am thinking ahead and looking forward to an exciting new adventure.