Sunday, September 19, 2010

the day before

Hello everyone... it's me, Chester - having Mom write up another blog. Tomorrow is my "big" day, so I have had a very busy week, saying goodbye to all my friends who have been so supportive of my work. The first to say goodbye were the folks at church. Mom stood up and made the announcement that we had a date for turn in and then told everyone that they could pet me at coffee time. Well, pet me they did, almost everyone came to bid me good luck and assure me that they would be praying for me... AND for my owner to be. So, "who ever you are"... prayers are being said this day for your happiness and success.
We popped into the vet to say good bye to the the girls there and to Dr. Spahn who took such good care of me over this past year. He donated all the visits, shots and of course the surgery and Mom and I are very grateful to him.

I went with Mom when she got her haircut, and the girls there had a big dog bone waiting for me. It was so yummy and I happily ate while Mom was in the chair. We of course went to all the dog classes that Mom teaches, and to the dog club meeting.. and anywhere else Mom could think to go. We knew that we had lots of friends and support.. but when you mash it all into one week... it really shows!!!

Course, my days around the house were pretty normal, except there seem to be more pictures being taken.

I played with the cockers, kept an eye on the cats, went back and forth to the barn.... played with Abbie and all her toys. (I never could get this ball in the middle of this toy - but everytime I touched it.. it lit up and I thought that was pretty neat)

We just seemed to be on the go all week. Fine with me I love to travel and go...

Saturday, Mom's family all came to the farm. It was AppleFest here in town, so they came to see that and then over to see me off as well. Naomi didn't realize I was leaving so soon, and when she heard, she gave me a big hug and told me that I was very special... I love her... I love all kids!!!!

Sunday evening, we met up with Rick and Kelli and went to dinner. You might notice that Dad isn't here int he photo.. that's because he was at the NASCAR race (actually he was there all week - working on a wrecker, but that's another story). I took up my usual spot under the table until the meal was done, and then Mom wanted to get this one last shot of "dinner out".
So, tomorrow it's back to NEADS... the time has come when I move to "college" and begin phase two of service dog training. There will be one last post to this blog and my story here on the farm will be complete. It's been a fun "year"... it's been a fast "year".. and even though the blog wasn't as full as Mom had hoped.. there is enough of it to show where and how I began...
and so, until the next post... as always... I am yours.... Chester

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 11th

Hello from me - Chester - again!!! Well if you have been keeping up with the posts that Mom wrote, you all know that my time here on Sweetgrass Farm is fastly coming to it's end. It's time for college (whatever that means, I don't really know yet)... but either way, Mom and I are making the most of this last week together. (Not that we don't normally do a ton of things every week). This past Saturday, she took me to a benefit motorcycle ride. This ride is for a fire fighter who is battling with cancer. It was at a Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop, and as you can see, there were plenty of folks that wanted to come and show their support. The bikes were beautiful, shiney and LOUD... but I didn't care!!!!

My friend, Rick, was there. He came to ride his bike in the rally, and then stayed to visit with Mom and Dad and enjoy the other sights as well. Rick has done a fair amount of training with me, working with me in various obedience classes, so I alway enjoy seeing and being with him. We walked around together and got to talk with a lot of folks about me being a service puppy.

Mom had to get a picture of me in front of this antique steamer. Because Sarah (whom the ride was for) is a fire fighter, there were all sort of "fire" things around.

by the time the concert began, I had decided it was a good time to take a little snooze. Rick offered a great resting spot for my head!!!

The concert was very enjoyable. Maybe a little loud and "odd" sounding, but I just liked being there. Oh did I tell you... we were listening to bagpipes!!!! At first I was wondering "what" this sound was, but then it was fine.

I even went and met one of the bagpipers!!! I had to tell him how much I enjoyed his music... well, Mom had to tell him how much she enjoyed the music.. I was just happy to get a hug!!! It was a fun and busy day, but I have a feeling that my whole life will be filled with fun and busy days....

I have been a very lucky dog these past couple of weeks, first my friend Banjo came to stay with us, and I got to play with him all week. Then he went back home, and Maggie came to spend some time with us. So, I had another week of someone to play with. Maggie went back to her home on Sunday, so Mom wanted to be sure that we had our last photo together. She has been a great friend, and basically we spent out first puppy year together. I have many friends, I like friends...I make friends easily. Mom of course, was sort of sad at this goodbye, I of course still don't really know "what" all of this means, but either way, I'll go with the flow.
Mom has the upcoming week filled with "goodbye" visits, time is ticking away.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

we know for sure

Chester returns to NEADS on the 20th... I am thrilled and sadden at the same time. I am excited to "see" what he'll become and sad to think that his beautiful face and spirit will no longer be a part of our home. But, "this" is what "it's" all about... I will cry, and then move on to "our" next puppy... it's all good....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

the "date"...

Well, just as I knew it would, turn in time for Chester has arrived. Heard from NEADS today and they are ready to have him back. He is headed to Rhode Island for the next phase of training. The time has come so quick and I have been very honored to be his "raiser".... so, just getting that "final date" put together.......

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first birthday...

Hello everyone, and Happy Birthday to me!!! I am officially (September 6th) one year old!!! It's been a very exciting and fun first year, I have done, learned, seen and been many places. Course, it also means that the time for me to move to "higher" training is close at hand, and I will be saying goodbye to my first family.

Baby Abbie and I have grown up together over the past year. We are great friends, and I know that we will miss each other. But, I have a bigger calling and Mom says I am more than ready to take on the challenges that will come my way.

I fear that Mom hasn't kept this blog as current as she had hoped to. But she has talked about me on the farm blog, and on facebook, so there are plenty of ways that my "fans" have kept in touch with my life here on the farm. But to celebrate my birthday, here's what's been happening over the past month....
my friend Banjo came to visit with us for a week. We had such a great time together, playing rough!!! I can't do that with the cockers (they won't let me) but Banjo was always up for a good game of "rough and tumble". I love to play with other dogs, especially ones that are my size.

And then, Mom got her "summer car" out, and we had lots of great rides... topless!!!!!

I have been to parades.. and "helped" the children collect the candy that was thrown out to them....

And I went to another fair, and met Sparky the fire dog!! I thought he was really cool, and tried so hard to get him to play with me. He didn't, but I still managed to give him a big kiss!!! Mom said that if I had spots, I could have been a "fire" dog, instead of a service dog!!!!

I have turned out to be very handsome, and wonderful (even if I do say so myself). Mom says that I am going to be a very special dog to someone wonderful, she's excited to see "what I become" over the next year.
Mom has "promised" to keep my blog a little better in the next few weeks, and one day, it will be printed and given to my new "whom ever"..
but for now, I am happily living at Sweetgrass Farm and enjoying life to it's fullest... as we all should..
and I remain as always - yours, Chester