Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 11th

Hello from me - Chester - again!!! Well if you have been keeping up with the posts that Mom wrote, you all know that my time here on Sweetgrass Farm is fastly coming to it's end. It's time for college (whatever that means, I don't really know yet)... but either way, Mom and I are making the most of this last week together. (Not that we don't normally do a ton of things every week). This past Saturday, she took me to a benefit motorcycle ride. This ride is for a fire fighter who is battling with cancer. It was at a Harley Davidson Motorcycle shop, and as you can see, there were plenty of folks that wanted to come and show their support. The bikes were beautiful, shiney and LOUD... but I didn't care!!!!

My friend, Rick, was there. He came to ride his bike in the rally, and then stayed to visit with Mom and Dad and enjoy the other sights as well. Rick has done a fair amount of training with me, working with me in various obedience classes, so I alway enjoy seeing and being with him. We walked around together and got to talk with a lot of folks about me being a service puppy.

Mom had to get a picture of me in front of this antique steamer. Because Sarah (whom the ride was for) is a fire fighter, there were all sort of "fire" things around.

by the time the concert began, I had decided it was a good time to take a little snooze. Rick offered a great resting spot for my head!!!

The concert was very enjoyable. Maybe a little loud and "odd" sounding, but I just liked being there. Oh did I tell you... we were listening to bagpipes!!!! At first I was wondering "what" this sound was, but then it was fine.

I even went and met one of the bagpipers!!! I had to tell him how much I enjoyed his music... well, Mom had to tell him how much she enjoyed the music.. I was just happy to get a hug!!! It was a fun and busy day, but I have a feeling that my whole life will be filled with fun and busy days....

I have been a very lucky dog these past couple of weeks, first my friend Banjo came to stay with us, and I got to play with him all week. Then he went back home, and Maggie came to spend some time with us. So, I had another week of someone to play with. Maggie went back to her home on Sunday, so Mom wanted to be sure that we had our last photo together. She has been a great friend, and basically we spent out first puppy year together. I have many friends, I like friends...I make friends easily. Mom of course, was sort of sad at this goodbye, I of course still don't really know "what" all of this means, but either way, I'll go with the flow.
Mom has the upcoming week filled with "goodbye" visits, time is ticking away.

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  1. Chester you are such a good boy! You have come a long way in the past year and I know you will do great in your next adventure...
    I know you will help alot of people in the future just the way you have helped me.
    Love You Buddy!