Sunday, February 27, 2011

a day in the BIG city

Hi everyone, well here I am traveling again!!! Today, Mom, Dad and all the family - including me... headed to the BIG city (as Mom calls it)... Boston!!! Sadly she didn't get as many photos of me as she should have, but I can tell you .. I was there.

It was a very snowy day, as you can tell from the photo. But we are "New Englanders" so what's a bit of snow. The city sure is different from the farm, but I thought it was quite fun. The streets were loud, and the buildings were very high. It was also windy and cold, so we didn't spend a whole lot of time outside. Mom says when the weather is a bit better, we are going to take all the other service puppies and have a day in the city.

The reason why we were really here, though, was to visit the aquarium. That in itself, was great fun. There were lots (LOTS) of people there... and of course all sorts of different sea animals. I however, was the "model" dog and just stayed with Mom and did as she needed me to do.

Baby Abbie loved the trip as well. Being the "animal kid" that she is... she found all the creatures there fascinating. She kept pointing at things and saying "gin-ga gin-ga" which I think was her way of telling me to look. (she and I are great pals.)

Here are some of the penguins we saw. They make the strangest sounds (almost as "bad" as our guinea hens!!).. I enjoyed watching them, but overall.. they're just birds!!!
After we visited the aquarium, we went out for dinner, I of course, laid quietly under the table and no one even knew I was there.
so, not too many pictures of "me".. but if we go again, Mom promises, she will get more!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

training day

Hello everyone.. Ginger here!!! Can you beleive that a whole month has gone by and we were back at NEADS again for our check in. The usual group went, Teena and Freedom, Kathleen and Leo, Mom and me... but this time we also had Bernice with us, and I'll tell you more about her later in the blog. Mom and I want to know... when will we go to NEADS and not have snowbanks? We have decided to keep track of that!!!

So, here I am... I got to see some of the gals from the puppy house this trip. They commented on how big I have gotten and how pretty I am now (which I already knew having seen myself in that mirror!!!) I like checking in at NEADS.... I feel pretty much at home there.

As always, Dave starts out with our "check list" and gives Mom and Kathleen a chance to chat with him and fill him in on what we are doing at home. Mom loves to have the opportunity to ask questions and bounce ideas off Dave. Even though she has been dog training a long time, she says there are always things that she has to learn!!! From what I understand, both brother Leo and I are right where we should be (whatever that means!!!)

Today's adventure was the grocery store. I've only been in a couple of them so far, but really it isn't any big deal. They still have the same sort of shopping carts and doors that move by themselves, and lots of people. Course there are many wonderful things to look at and check out, but when I am "working" Mom says that I need to stay focus on her....

OK Mom.. whatever. When the humans get to talking, this is what Leo and I tend to do... just wait quietly until they are done.... boring!!!!

This is Bernice.... and look who she has!!! A puppy... a new Maine Chapter puppy... they have joined the ranks!!! The puppy is Loyalty, a St. Poodle he is about four months old. Bernice has had many poodles, so she knows just what to do with this little chap. And I guess you will be seeing his photo here on my blog!!!

Though, I'm not too sure who he thinks he is!!! Leo and I will have to remind him that he isn't the only service puppy, but I think we can handle him. Actually, we'll all have a good time, I can tell already....

Dave walked us out to the car at the end of the day, gave us good advise and parting words... until we go back again - next month.

On the way home, the "Moms" always stop at Cracker Barrel for a meal. We (the puppies) have to go under the table and practice our lessons....the people here are so nice to use, I think they're getting use to us coming in each month...

And as far as I go... just get me back in the truck, where "kitty" is waiting and I am ready to head home after another busy day....

that all the adventures for now.. until later...

love Ginger

Monday, February 21, 2011

a day at the mall

Today, Mom and I took a field trip to the mall. It was a cold and wintery day, so it was the perfect time to take an outing like this. The mall was very busy, because it was a "holiday"... but that didn't bother me, I like seeing all the people. The only hard part is, sometimes Mom lets me greet them and sometimes she says, "no, we're working"... I would like to just greet everyone, but I guess sometimes that can't happen.

We had lunch at alittle place in the mall, and I just layed quietly under the table. And then we walked around some more, and Mom found a bench and we practiced "under" again. Actually by the time we did this, I was happy to do so... being in the mall, with all that walking about, and handling all those surroundings, is still tiresome for a "not quite six month old" puppy...

But then we went into one store, and the most incredible thing... I thought I saw another dog in the store. And the dog looked a lot like me.... I looked at Mom to see if she saw this other dog....

She just began to laugh and took me closer to the other dog.. and you know what, there wasn't a dog there at all... it was me!!!! Mom said something about this being a mirror and she took me closer to check it out. I wasn't afraid, I just thought it would have been fun to play together.....

but, one thing for sure.... I am really good looking, and I didn't even know!!!!! It was a fun day, and I would like to see myself in more mirrors!!!!

love, Ginger!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

puppy things...

Hello it's me again!!! I wanted Mom to post the photo on my blog... I am such the silly girl. Baby Abbie has all kinds of toys around the house, and I like to pick up anything that I can. Mom doesn't worry about this, she always smiles and says "good girl" and then I bring the item to her. But, I have to admit one of my favorite things is this thing called a "slinky". I love them, they feel funny in your mouth, the makes a cool sound, and they bounce and stretch, so when you run with them... they are really neat. You might also notice that I have a back pack on... Mom and I are working with this piece of equipment now... she has me wear it for a short time every few days. It's not a big deal, a little different from my cape, but nothing that I worry about. And when you can carry the slinky and play with the back pack on... it makes it an easy lesson!!!

this is me and brother Leo. He came for a visit and it was too icy and cold outside to play, so Mom and Kathleen let us play inside. We kind of "wrecked" the place, so we probably won't get to be rough like this again inside.... but it sure was fun.

so, that's the news for now... love, Ginger

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine graduation

Hi everyone... yup that's me.. Ginger!!! I don't know what is with this picture, but Mom can't see to get it turned around.. so I guess you will just have to smile at the way it is. Tonite was a fun and important night... my first (of many, I hope) graduation!!! I have completed the puppy class and will be moving onto the next level. I did a great job, thanks to Kathleen (because Mom is too busy teaching to work with me!!!)

This is our friend Scott, and Louie. Scott is working on becoming an obedience instructor and Louie is working on becoming a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence. Both of them are doing a good job.. Leo and I like playing with Louie.. he is just about our age, and often before class, our parents let us race around a bit.

Here's Kathleen and me!!! She also works with Leo on the same night (different class of course).. so Mom keeps her pretty busy on puppy night. Mom and I know how lucky we are to have Kathleen and Rick help out with my obedience work, we couldn't do it without them.

This is Ella, she's a mini dachshund and one of Mom's favorites... (that's why she has her picture on my blog!!!)

and here's the graduating puppy class!!! Most of my classmates are going to continue with their training, which is very good.. because they're all smart puppies - like me...
So, on Valentine's Day.... happy graduation and love to all my puppy friends...
and until we meet again... Love Ginger!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Maine NEADs......

Here I am again - Ginger.... reporting in and sharing with all of you!!! Last night was a meeting/training night for the Maine Puppy Raiser Chapter. Linda (our leader) has wanted us to meet at least once month, to work , but also just to spend time together and to bring the Chapter "closer". Mom was able to get a spot for us (where we train on Tuesday nights) and we have decided to meet the second Thursday of each month. That, along with going to NEADS once a month, will keep all us up to date.

Linda went over a few things with regards to the Chapter and then Mom went to work on the obedience lessons. Here is Deb and Rusty (hearing dog).. who came to do some "tune up work" with his obedience.

We had a "pretty good" group for our first night, but both Mom and Linda hope that in the months to come we will have even more in our group. Aside from the Maine puppies and working dogs.. we have also invited any dogs that are "working" therapy dogs and any service puppies in training (like our friends from CCI) and then any working service dogs... in this photo (left to right) is Mindy (therapy dog) Leo (puppy in training) Rusty (hearing dog) Logan (service dog) and me!!! (puppy in training)

Everyone has come up with some great ideas for our training nights. Mom wants baby Abbie to come in sometime, and Daddy too - dressed in his fire gear. We talked about different obedience exercises and Suzan (Logan's Mom) has all sorts of ideas, since Logan works for her every day (this is me with Logan). Mom's other puppy - Chester - loved Logan, and I think I do too....

Look at what a nice down stay Rusty is doing!!!That's one command service dogs need to do.. down stays and chilling... we aren't always working!!!

Now, Mindy - who is a therapy dog - is Rick's dog!!!! We sure keep him busy, helping me with my lessons, and working with Mindy as well....

So, here' to the NEADS Maine puppy chapter... we have lots of good things ahead!!!!
Love to all, Ginger!!!!