Sunday, February 27, 2011

a day in the BIG city

Hi everyone, well here I am traveling again!!! Today, Mom, Dad and all the family - including me... headed to the BIG city (as Mom calls it)... Boston!!! Sadly she didn't get as many photos of me as she should have, but I can tell you .. I was there.

It was a very snowy day, as you can tell from the photo. But we are "New Englanders" so what's a bit of snow. The city sure is different from the farm, but I thought it was quite fun. The streets were loud, and the buildings were very high. It was also windy and cold, so we didn't spend a whole lot of time outside. Mom says when the weather is a bit better, we are going to take all the other service puppies and have a day in the city.

The reason why we were really here, though, was to visit the aquarium. That in itself, was great fun. There were lots (LOTS) of people there... and of course all sorts of different sea animals. I however, was the "model" dog and just stayed with Mom and did as she needed me to do.

Baby Abbie loved the trip as well. Being the "animal kid" that she is... she found all the creatures there fascinating. She kept pointing at things and saying "gin-ga gin-ga" which I think was her way of telling me to look. (she and I are great pals.)

Here are some of the penguins we saw. They make the strangest sounds (almost as "bad" as our guinea hens!!).. I enjoyed watching them, but overall.. they're just birds!!!
After we visited the aquarium, we went out for dinner, I of course, laid quietly under the table and no one even knew I was there.
so, not too many pictures of "me".. but if we go again, Mom promises, she will get more!!!!

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