Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine graduation

Hi everyone... yup that's me.. Ginger!!! I don't know what is with this picture, but Mom can't see to get it turned around.. so I guess you will just have to smile at the way it is. Tonite was a fun and important night... my first (of many, I hope) graduation!!! I have completed the puppy class and will be moving onto the next level. I did a great job, thanks to Kathleen (because Mom is too busy teaching to work with me!!!)

This is our friend Scott, and Louie. Scott is working on becoming an obedience instructor and Louie is working on becoming a service dog for Canine Companions for Independence. Both of them are doing a good job.. Leo and I like playing with Louie.. he is just about our age, and often before class, our parents let us race around a bit.

Here's Kathleen and me!!! She also works with Leo on the same night (different class of course).. so Mom keeps her pretty busy on puppy night. Mom and I know how lucky we are to have Kathleen and Rick help out with my obedience work, we couldn't do it without them.

This is Ella, she's a mini dachshund and one of Mom's favorites... (that's why she has her picture on my blog!!!)

and here's the graduating puppy class!!! Most of my classmates are going to continue with their training, which is very good.. because they're all smart puppies - like me...
So, on Valentine's Day.... happy graduation and love to all my puppy friends...
and until we meet again... Love Ginger!!!!

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