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busy,busy days!!!

One thing about being a service puppy in training, you end up going to all sorts of places. Mom calls them "training experiences" I call them... "let's go and have some fun". Today were we at a road race, because Mom's daughter's family was running. We had to be there very early  (why do trips always seem to be "early)... the day was getting hot, and I guess it's not a good idea to run in the heat. 
I got so many pats and smiles.. and we had fun watching all the people run by... Actually... it made me tired just to watch them!!!!
The next day we went to a car show. Mom has a little car called a "beetle" and this show was just for them......
There were all kinds of "beetles" there (Mom's is that second one.. the red one)... We walked about, Mom had to stop several times with me and explain what I was doing there... but we could only stay just for the morning, because in the afternoon....
We had a lobster bake to go to. Each summer some of the New York puppy raisers come to visit. So, all of us meet up with them and have this nice feast. Now, I have to be honest, Mom did not get any pictures of me at the lobster bake.... because she was just too busy eating lobster!!!! (of which I had none!!!)  So, I had to do a nice 'down stay" and watch how these crazy things are eaten!!!!

Little Reagan (who's family ran the race yesterday) stopped in at the lobster bake. Moxie got to give him some kisses....

It was a fun, busy summer weekend.. Mom really should have taken more pictures of me... but since she didn't, I will just have to say, that I really was there....

a year with Danny Boy!!!!