Thursday, July 28, 2011

big city work

Hi everyone, it's me again... so, I spent a few days with Kathleen and Bob, and had a pretty nice time living "in town".. then met up with Mom and it was right into the truck, and on our ways to NEADS. Goodness, a gal just doesn't have a minute to catch her breath some days. But, from what Mom tells me, if I do make it to being a service dog, this is probably how my life will be... certainly not boring, that's for sure!!!

So, our check in with Dave and the good folks at the academy. We did the "usual" meet and greet, the humans asking questions and getting good advise from Dave. Then we went on to show him how well our training is going. Mom said this photo was a "practice for our graduation photo", time will tell I guess...

And of course, we had to do our time in the city. I'm getting pretty used to that. We usually spend a little time walking about, sitting near the curb, and then head over to the hospital for all the "cool things to work with".

Do you remember that silly game Mom had us all do at puppy night - the one where we had to squeeze into a laundry basket. Well, here's the reason why... look how nicely I can curl up under a chair that is bearly big enough to "hide" me. (even Mom was impressed!!!!)

Baby Otis has the right idea (I mean, "Otis" - Mom says we have to quit calling him "baby" - he's getting so big!!!!)

We practiced down stays all over the hospital. Not only is it good to work on, but it gives everyone a minute to take a break and just get used to everything that is going on.

Course, we always draw quite the crowd. Even though the hospital folks are used to the NEADS puppies being around, it's still an eye catcher -especially with us.... (we are such a good looking bunch!!!)

We rode the elevators about a million times (poor Mom). T isn't all that excited about them either - course, you can see what Leo and Otis think about it...I'm doing better with them. I do fine in the enclosed elevators, but those glass ones - course Mom totally understands, she would take the stairs if she had the choice!!!!

And then, before you know it, we wrapping up with Dave and heading for home. The days sure go by quick, Mom tells me that summer is almost over.. too bad, I liked summer - this being my first one and all.

saying goodbye for now, Love Ginger!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the great puppy swap

At Dave's request, all the Mom's (and Dad) of the Maine puppy chapter did a "swap the puppies" for a few days. Mom was sad that I was "leaving her", but really - it's a good experience for us to try living in different places.

The swap went like this... Bernice took Otis, Rick got Leo, Kathleen got me.. and Mom got T.

I don't know.. does she look like the poodle type... I'm thinking goldens really are more her style!!!

We did the swap at puppy class. So Abbie was in bed when T arrived at our house.. the next morning, Abbie couldn't quite figure out what he was. Mom told me that she kept saying "where's Ginger" (she really loves me, you know)...

She did however, find T interesting, and tried doing his obedience work with him - like she does with me. But T, not being around babies much, didn't understand her....

However, she did decide that "T the pooda" was a pretty good guy and for the few days that he was at our house, she enjoyed him as well.

I had a pretty nice time with Kathleen, she lives "in town" so I had some good walks with her and Bob in and around the traffic. The puppy swap was a good idea, even if it was hard on the humans!!!

Love to all, Ginger

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dog days of summer

Every summer, my Mom and her friends from the Piscataqua Obedience club, put on an obedience demo for the public. They have done this for 22 summers (we think) but either way, it's a big hit and many people come to watch. All kinds of dogs come and show what you can "do" with obedience....

The show has it's own music, and Dad is in charge of that. He carefully picks out the best songs that will match the type of work the dogs show.

The performance is held near the beach, and it was a perfect summer night. This year, Abbie was "big" enough to enjoy the events... she loves us dogs anyways, and always wants to be a part of what we are doing.

Cammie... getting ready for the show!!!!!

Mom is always the '"MC" but she would rather just be a "performer"... and this year, I helped her. It was great exposure for all the dogs, especially for "us service dogs"

this is the parade of dogs... we do it first to show all the people what kinds of dogs will be doing the show.

We show many different types of obedience, from group work to basic commands... this year we did nosework, rally, flyball and talked about service dogs. The crowd had much to watch.

Mom didn't get as many pictures as she would have liked to.. but she did get this one of Otis showing that even babies can come when they are called.

We got lots of petting and then ended the evening by going out for dinner. It was fun, and maybe there will be "better trained puppies" because of this show....

Love to you all, Ginger...

Friday, July 15, 2011

puppy nite

Puppy night!!! I LOVE puppy night. It would seem the other puppy people do to.. because we always get a good crowd. These are the folks that came this month, and we worked outside....Mom says we are so lucky to have someone like Jeanne who lets us come and play at her doggie day care.

Now, as you know, Mom likes to have 'theme" for each puppy night.. this month is was "surfaces". She brought all kinds of silly things for us to walk on, go under or work around. Well, we thought it was funny, but the humans take this pretty seriously.

Faxon came with his gal.... he's a real working dog, and Mom loves to see him work. It gives her ideas for us!!!

The "challenge" of the night was... "can your dog get into a laundry basket".... the idea is to help us learn how to curl up in a real tight place. Sometimes, we have to do that under tables and chairs. Course, Faxon makes something like this look easy!!!!

T didn't have any problems...

I did OK too (well Mom and I have been practicing)

Leo gave it the college try... he's a pretty big dog, and had some troubles.. but he sat just the same... good boy, Leo!!!!

Otis curled right in...

getting him out was another story.....

Faxon showed us that he can even crawl in a "short space"...

so you know, Mom said we all needed to try.... look at Leo.....

Mom thought the agility equipment would be fun to play on as well.... here we work together on teeter-tootor.... (it was a little scary, but I did it - we all did, in fact)

But, really, the BEST part of puppy night, we all got to play together!!! and this area was fenced and huge, so we really got to RUN!!!

Oh but, then the humans, had to practice "come" just to see if we would leave our friends, and do it....

and reward... go back to playing!!! ya, know, this training thing really is fun, aren't I a lucky girl...

hope you're training days are fun too!!!

Love, Ginger!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer in the street

I am trying to decide if my Mom really goes and does all these things, or does she look for "stuff" for me to do. I guess it doesn't matter either way, because we're out there "doing it".... This evening we went to an event called Summer in the Street.

We met up with Otis and family, and Louie and his family. First off - dinner, three service puppies under the table - it was quite impressive because we were all so well behaved.

This is our friend, Joe... he plays in a band. So, one of the reasons for attending, was to hear Joe's band. The music was very good....

Course, you know, I must "work" the crowd. I love meeting people and Mom loves to talk about NEADS and service dogs. She calls this a "two for".... I get to be out and about, and she gets to brag about me... pretty good, don't you think?

The trouble is, when we go with Otis... he's so "durn" cute that he steals the show!!! Well, when I was that little I stole the show too... but, I can share the time with Otis.. he has to learn too....

The North made a pretty sound when the clock struck the hour.

This is my "Mom can we DO something" look. Sometimes, you just have to lay quietly and wait for the humans to do.. well, whatever it is that humans do. I can lay quietly, but I would rather be up and about.

I'm really not as "worried" as I look in this photo. We had to park the car in the garage, and Mom sent Dad to get the truck, so we were just waiting for him. Though I will tell you -parking garages are rather noisy. Oh well - all in a days' work (or a night's adventure!!!)

Love to you all, Ginger

4th of July weekend

Hey, it's Ginger... and we just celebrated a holiday (I never know exactly what humans mean with all these fancy words - like holidays), but what I can tell you is there was lots going on and I was right in the middle of it - which is where I like to be. The holiday - 4th of July - Independence day....

We packed up and went to "camp". I like camp - it's much smaller than our house, and it's right by the lake. We had a lot of visitors, both human and k9... so I decided that this little rug would be my quiet place. Course, I really didn't stay there much, because it was so fun being with everyone.

Mom got the "cooker" (as she calls it) going, seems a little silly to me to have a fire when it's so hot outside. But the humans liked it and cooked some marshmellows and other things.

Dad got the boat in the water, and gave rides to everyone who wanted to go. You know, of course, that Mom thought I needed to have a boat ride. I am up for doing anything Mom wants me to, but I didn't see the big deal about this boat.

Camille hopped right in - she's done this before. And cuddled right up to Mom and got all ready for her ride.

So I cuddled in as well, and let me just say ---- I loved the boat!!! Dad took us for a nice easy ride around the lake. We saw lots of other boats, people swimming - dogs riding on other boats.... it was GREAT.

I must admit, it was so great, that I even took a little snooze as we went along... it's so relaxing being out on the boat....I really couldn't keep my eyes open...

Course, I wasn't the only one... Otis and his family came up for a visit and a ride... we couldn't even get Otis out of the boat!!!! (well, hardly)

I also tried my paws at swimming. Now, I can't say this was the most exciting thing I have ever done. I'm not sure if I like swimming or not (Mom says I need a couple more tries).. Banjo however, loves to swim, and he kept pushing by me and jumping in. Charlie and Trevor like swimming as well.. Camille told me she only goes in when it's super hot.

Ya, I'm going to have to think twice about this swimming thing.

Later during the weekend, we went to the fireworks with Otis and Mindy. I liked the first part.. meeting so many people and walking around the city. But I have to say that when those fireworks began booming, I wasn't impressed. Mom asked me to "stay" and work thru it for just a little bit and then she took me back to the truck (Otis by the way, slept thru them!!!)

I guess if I had my choice between fireworks or swimming, I'll chose the swimming. I'm glad that Mom gave me a break - she knows just what to do.

But overall it was a very fun weekend, and it is my hope that your 4th of July was just as happy...

Love to all --- Ginger...