Thursday, July 14, 2011

summer in the street

I am trying to decide if my Mom really goes and does all these things, or does she look for "stuff" for me to do. I guess it doesn't matter either way, because we're out there "doing it".... This evening we went to an event called Summer in the Street.

We met up with Otis and family, and Louie and his family. First off - dinner, three service puppies under the table - it was quite impressive because we were all so well behaved.

This is our friend, Joe... he plays in a band. So, one of the reasons for attending, was to hear Joe's band. The music was very good....

Course, you know, I must "work" the crowd. I love meeting people and Mom loves to talk about NEADS and service dogs. She calls this a "two for".... I get to be out and about, and she gets to brag about me... pretty good, don't you think?

The trouble is, when we go with Otis... he's so "durn" cute that he steals the show!!! Well, when I was that little I stole the show too... but, I can share the time with Otis.. he has to learn too....

The North made a pretty sound when the clock struck the hour.

This is my "Mom can we DO something" look. Sometimes, you just have to lay quietly and wait for the humans to do.. well, whatever it is that humans do. I can lay quietly, but I would rather be up and about.

I'm really not as "worried" as I look in this photo. We had to park the car in the garage, and Mom sent Dad to get the truck, so we were just waiting for him. Though I will tell you -parking garages are rather noisy. Oh well - all in a days' work (or a night's adventure!!!)

Love to you all, Ginger

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