Wednesday, July 20, 2011

dog days of summer

Every summer, my Mom and her friends from the Piscataqua Obedience club, put on an obedience demo for the public. They have done this for 22 summers (we think) but either way, it's a big hit and many people come to watch. All kinds of dogs come and show what you can "do" with obedience....

The show has it's own music, and Dad is in charge of that. He carefully picks out the best songs that will match the type of work the dogs show.

The performance is held near the beach, and it was a perfect summer night. This year, Abbie was "big" enough to enjoy the events... she loves us dogs anyways, and always wants to be a part of what we are doing.

Cammie... getting ready for the show!!!!!

Mom is always the '"MC" but she would rather just be a "performer"... and this year, I helped her. It was great exposure for all the dogs, especially for "us service dogs"

this is the parade of dogs... we do it first to show all the people what kinds of dogs will be doing the show.

We show many different types of obedience, from group work to basic commands... this year we did nosework, rally, flyball and talked about service dogs. The crowd had much to watch.

Mom didn't get as many pictures as she would have liked to.. but she did get this one of Otis showing that even babies can come when they are called.

We got lots of petting and then ended the evening by going out for dinner. It was fun, and maybe there will be "better trained puppies" because of this show....

Love to you all, Ginger...

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