Monday, February 22, 2010

movin up

Hey everyone.. it's me again!!! and it seems like this has been a week of "graduations".. first it was from my puppy class, and now... it's time to say goodbye to my first little puppy vest. I have gotten so big that it no longer fits... Mom let the straps out as far as they could go, but for the past couple of weeks, it really hasn't been all that comfortable to wear.

(see how tight it is!!!) So, yesterday, when we went to an "information event" about service dogs.. Linda had brought me a bigger vest to wear, and we turned the little puppy vest in... for the "next" puppy that comes along.

And speaking of puppies... here is the newest one coming into the service puppy family... she's a little lab puppy (and Mom can't remember her name) She was at the "information event", but poor little thing... she just couldn't stay awake for the whole thing. Guess I used to get "pooped" like that when i was smaller!!!!

We "talked" with all kinds of folks that dropped by. I LOVED all the attention that I got... climbing into someone's lap is just the best place to be!!!! (and look how much better my NEW vest fits now)

Camille attended the event as well.. Mom says that she is a "service dog supporter"... but she wanted to get as much attention as I was getting... look at her smoozing up to this gentleman with a camera!!!!

Here I am again... sitting with my friend Kelly.... I am getting almost as big as she is!!! and in case you can't tell us apart.. Kelly is on the left (and I am on the right!!!)

And.. here we are all together with our Moms (and Dad!!!)... we're a pretty good looking bunch if you ask me. It was quite a fun time, and after we were done here... I went for a walk thru a store with Mom and Dad... and had to wait quietly while Mom bought herself a new pair of shoes.
so, another "outing" to add to my list of things that I have been doing. I sure do like being out in the public and learning about so many new things... keep reading for my next adventure(s).. and until then... I am yours...... Chester!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

puppy graduation

Hi everyone. it's me... Chester - the graduation puppy!!! Yes, that's right.. I have officially finished my first set of puppy training classes!! It was such fun, and the six weeks just flew by. I love going to classes and seeing all my friends, and I like "working" too. I worked with Sadie and she and I did a super good job. (I think I was the best one in the class!!! at least that is what Sadie told me) The last night we did our lessons, then everyone got a "certificate" and a silly little hat. The people loved seeing their dogs in these little hats (I don't know what the big deal was on that) but even Mom and Sadie said I looked very handsome in my hat as well.

This was a big puppy class, you can see how many friends I had. The neat thing is, most all of them are continuing in the next training level (as I am of course).. so I will still be able to see all my buddies in the next six weeks. I do have some favorite friends, Maggie, King and Harley have to be my most favorite, so it will be great to stay with them.

There is another NEADS puppy that is training too. She is in the class ahead of me.. her name is Kelly... and here is a picture of her working with her Mom.. Kathleen. Kathleen has raised many service dogs - Mom told me 13 of them so far!!!! Kelly is doing well with her lessons too. And it was Kathleen that got my Mom to become a puppy raiser, I don't know if she will "raise" as many as Kathleen has, but it's a goal to try to meet!!!!

We got some more snow the other night...we haven't had any in a long while, and what we had was getting yucky and hard. I love the snow, I just wished that sometime it would come in the day and I could play outside in it longer.

Mom takes me out in it, because she knows how much fun I have. But then she gets "cold" and we have to go back in. I'm not cold... I have a nice thick coat and I could stay out longer... but that's not the case. Oh well, at least I can play in it and tomorrow I can go out in it.

I have been doing my "serious work" too. I went out to a restaurant the other night with the family (there were 9 of us, 10 counting me) I was so good and just sat/laid under the table while everyone ate and talked. No one in the restaurant even knew I was there until we went to leave. AND I have also been going to church with Mom and Dad. EVERYONE at church loves me!!! and they look for me each week. I don't "do" much at church, just sleep under the pew.. but the music is nice. "Pastor" says it's OK that I sleep thru his sermons.....

So, basically that is what I have been up to... nothing too exciting, but it's all fun as far as I am concerned...

and until the next blog...

I am yours...... Chester

Thursday, February 4, 2010

puppy class (es)

It's me again.. Chester!!! and I have some things to catch up with on the blog. I want to tell you about the puppy class(es) that I go to!! See, aside from being "just a dog" (which I get to do a lot of).. I am also doing a good amount of "training". Not just my "field trips", but I also go to school. Now, since my Mom is a teacher, I actually go to school three nights a week with Mom and Camille. However, my "real" night is Mondays... and while Mom is teaching the class, I work with Sadie. I LOVE going to school.. I have lots of friends, and we get to play for a while before the class begins.... does this little dog look familiar?? she should.. it's my pal Maggie, the one who came and spent the week with us.

And this is another of my favorite friends... King.. he's a pitbull and is such a good dog. Maggie, King and I have great fun together and we look for each other every week.
After playtime, it's onto lessons. I am doing very well with my lesson's, I like my "work" and I like to show off.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I go with Mom and Camille and work as a "demo" dog. those nights aren't as much fun as Monday night is, but I still enjoy going. Sometimes I have to wait quietly in a crate while Mom is working, and that can be a little boring.. but she says "it's good practice" (whatever that means!!)

However, this past Tuesday, Rick came to help Mom with the classes. He worked with Mom in the two beginner's classes, and when Mom began to teach the Advance class, she asked Rick if he would like to bring me out and work with me. Rick said "yes" to that, and I was pretty happy to be out on the floor and doing something. I have to brag that even though I am just (barely) five months old.. I kept up with those "older" dogs and could do the work just as good as they could. Look at me doing a "sit/stay" and notice I am wearing my gentle leader now......

And here we are doing the "group down stay".. I was as steady as could be and never made one mistake....

Mom says I look like "a big dog" in this picture.. I am growing, and my baby looks are quickly disappearing....

One thing I know... if you're on a "down" you might be there for a little while.. so might as well get comfty!!!

Things are going really well for me. I am a happy boy, and a "quick study" or so Mom says. I like what I do, I like everyone that I meet and I know I am special... what more could a puppy want.