Wednesday, February 17, 2010

puppy graduation

Hi everyone. it's me... Chester - the graduation puppy!!! Yes, that's right.. I have officially finished my first set of puppy training classes!! It was such fun, and the six weeks just flew by. I love going to classes and seeing all my friends, and I like "working" too. I worked with Sadie and she and I did a super good job. (I think I was the best one in the class!!! at least that is what Sadie told me) The last night we did our lessons, then everyone got a "certificate" and a silly little hat. The people loved seeing their dogs in these little hats (I don't know what the big deal was on that) but even Mom and Sadie said I looked very handsome in my hat as well.

This was a big puppy class, you can see how many friends I had. The neat thing is, most all of them are continuing in the next training level (as I am of course).. so I will still be able to see all my buddies in the next six weeks. I do have some favorite friends, Maggie, King and Harley have to be my most favorite, so it will be great to stay with them.

There is another NEADS puppy that is training too. She is in the class ahead of me.. her name is Kelly... and here is a picture of her working with her Mom.. Kathleen. Kathleen has raised many service dogs - Mom told me 13 of them so far!!!! Kelly is doing well with her lessons too. And it was Kathleen that got my Mom to become a puppy raiser, I don't know if she will "raise" as many as Kathleen has, but it's a goal to try to meet!!!!

We got some more snow the other night...we haven't had any in a long while, and what we had was getting yucky and hard. I love the snow, I just wished that sometime it would come in the day and I could play outside in it longer.

Mom takes me out in it, because she knows how much fun I have. But then she gets "cold" and we have to go back in. I'm not cold... I have a nice thick coat and I could stay out longer... but that's not the case. Oh well, at least I can play in it and tomorrow I can go out in it.

I have been doing my "serious work" too. I went out to a restaurant the other night with the family (there were 9 of us, 10 counting me) I was so good and just sat/laid under the table while everyone ate and talked. No one in the restaurant even knew I was there until we went to leave. AND I have also been going to church with Mom and Dad. EVERYONE at church loves me!!! and they look for me each week. I don't "do" much at church, just sleep under the pew.. but the music is nice. "Pastor" says it's OK that I sleep thru his sermons.....

So, basically that is what I have been up to... nothing too exciting, but it's all fun as far as I am concerned...

and until the next blog...

I am yours...... Chester

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