Thursday, February 4, 2010

puppy class (es)

It's me again.. Chester!!! and I have some things to catch up with on the blog. I want to tell you about the puppy class(es) that I go to!! See, aside from being "just a dog" (which I get to do a lot of).. I am also doing a good amount of "training". Not just my "field trips", but I also go to school. Now, since my Mom is a teacher, I actually go to school three nights a week with Mom and Camille. However, my "real" night is Mondays... and while Mom is teaching the class, I work with Sadie. I LOVE going to school.. I have lots of friends, and we get to play for a while before the class begins.... does this little dog look familiar?? she should.. it's my pal Maggie, the one who came and spent the week with us.

And this is another of my favorite friends... King.. he's a pitbull and is such a good dog. Maggie, King and I have great fun together and we look for each other every week.
After playtime, it's onto lessons. I am doing very well with my lesson's, I like my "work" and I like to show off.

Tuesday and Wednesday nights, I go with Mom and Camille and work as a "demo" dog. those nights aren't as much fun as Monday night is, but I still enjoy going. Sometimes I have to wait quietly in a crate while Mom is working, and that can be a little boring.. but she says "it's good practice" (whatever that means!!)

However, this past Tuesday, Rick came to help Mom with the classes. He worked with Mom in the two beginner's classes, and when Mom began to teach the Advance class, she asked Rick if he would like to bring me out and work with me. Rick said "yes" to that, and I was pretty happy to be out on the floor and doing something. I have to brag that even though I am just (barely) five months old.. I kept up with those "older" dogs and could do the work just as good as they could. Look at me doing a "sit/stay" and notice I am wearing my gentle leader now......

And here we are doing the "group down stay".. I was as steady as could be and never made one mistake....

Mom says I look like "a big dog" in this picture.. I am growing, and my baby looks are quickly disappearing....

One thing I know... if you're on a "down" you might be there for a little while.. so might as well get comfty!!!

Things are going really well for me. I am a happy boy, and a "quick study" or so Mom says. I like what I do, I like everyone that I meet and I know I am special... what more could a puppy want.


  1. Mom's right Chester, your groing up so fast...

  2. Oh Wow! You really have changed quite a bit already