Monday, February 22, 2010

movin up

Hey everyone.. it's me again!!! and it seems like this has been a week of "graduations".. first it was from my puppy class, and now... it's time to say goodbye to my first little puppy vest. I have gotten so big that it no longer fits... Mom let the straps out as far as they could go, but for the past couple of weeks, it really hasn't been all that comfortable to wear.

(see how tight it is!!!) So, yesterday, when we went to an "information event" about service dogs.. Linda had brought me a bigger vest to wear, and we turned the little puppy vest in... for the "next" puppy that comes along.

And speaking of puppies... here is the newest one coming into the service puppy family... she's a little lab puppy (and Mom can't remember her name) She was at the "information event", but poor little thing... she just couldn't stay awake for the whole thing. Guess I used to get "pooped" like that when i was smaller!!!!

We "talked" with all kinds of folks that dropped by. I LOVED all the attention that I got... climbing into someone's lap is just the best place to be!!!! (and look how much better my NEW vest fits now)

Camille attended the event as well.. Mom says that she is a "service dog supporter"... but she wanted to get as much attention as I was getting... look at her smoozing up to this gentleman with a camera!!!!

Here I am again... sitting with my friend Kelly.... I am getting almost as big as she is!!! and in case you can't tell us apart.. Kelly is on the left (and I am on the right!!!)

And.. here we are all together with our Moms (and Dad!!!)... we're a pretty good looking bunch if you ask me. It was quite a fun time, and after we were done here... I went for a walk thru a store with Mom and Dad... and had to wait quietly while Mom bought herself a new pair of shoes.
so, another "outing" to add to my list of things that I have been doing. I sure do like being out in the public and learning about so many new things... keep reading for my next adventure(s).. and until then... I am yours...... Chester!!!!!

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