Sunday, March 14, 2010

some day??

Hi everyone, here I am. Mom hasn't posted lately on my blog, because we have been pretty busy, but things are going well. I just celebrated my six month birthday and am growing into a very handsome Golden... or so I am told. I have been going to classes and getting out into public as much as possible. Mom said she is planning a big field trip to the city of Boston sometime soon... I don't know exactly what that means, but I am sure to find out.

We did
have a big adventure last weekend though. We picked up Kathleen and Kelly and drove a long ways to attend the spring graduation. Mom hopes that one day I will have a graduation.. I actually slept thru this event, but Mom greatly enjoyed it. There were 21 dog/handler teams that graduated!!!

While we were there, we took advantage of the city surroundings and did some training work. I didn't see what all the fuss was about, sure it was much busier and louder than it is at the farm. But it was all the same to me.... listen to Mom, behave myself and follow her directions... nothing to it.

We don't have traffic like this at home (nor traffic light either) so Mom was excited for me to do my work here. I was fine, so was Kelly and Freedom... Pia is a "real" service dog.. so she didn't think this was such a big deal either.

Then it was onto see the graduation. The thing I liked best was all the attention that I got. And I got alot of attention. People there seemed to know me, they said I have gotten big since I saw them last... I guess they knew me when I was in the "puppy house". But however they knew me, I just enjoyed the hugs.

I did meet up with someone very special... this gentleman had a golden that he dearly loved. His golden lived a long time, but has now gone to puppy heaven. His golden's name was "Chester" and yes, that's right... I was named after his golden.

The other people in this photo are friends of the gentleman... they are my sponsors!!! And when they were given the opportunity to name me... they picked the name Chester.. in honor of their friends golden. I like my name.. so does my Mom and it's a good name that I will live up to. We also found out that these folks are blog readers!!! (so we'll send out a special hello to all of you!!!!)

After the graduation and greeting all the people, I was getting tired. Since we made a date to go to NEADS and do some training the next day, we stayed in the motel that night. I got to ride in an elevator... that was kind of cool.

And then have my first night in a motel... away from home. Mom brought my crate, and I was pretty tired so I settled right down and was quiet all evening.

My next blog will be all about going back to NEADS and having a training date with Dave... so come back and read that one.. it will be up soon..

until then.... I am yours.... Chester

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  1. Good Job Chester, and yes you are a Handsome Golden!