Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a day at NEADS

Sorry everyone, my Mom realized that she never did get back to my blog and finish the story of our trip to NEADS.. silly Mom, she has so much going on that she sometimes forget to keep my blog up dated.. I guess we'll have to forgive her.

So, here we are at NEADS "headquarters".. I've been here before, but Mom never has. She was so impressed with the campus and was so happy to see it in "real life". We'll be back again, of course, for other training dates, but the first time is always special...

We met with Dave, and he loaded us into the van and took us to the mall for some training. Kelly was with us - as was Freedom and Pia - but the training was mostly for Kelly and I.

We "played" on the stairs, in a glass elevator and just all around the mall. Nothing special about this... until...

Mom got some advise of things she had never thought of. For example, the stairs... we do stairs all the time, but did Mom ever think of taking just one step at a time??? What if my new partner can't do steps I need to stop and wait and only move when asked...I can do it.But we just need to practice!!!

I'm such a good boy!!!!

You know.. all this training is so good for my Mom. She has trained dogs for many years (over thirty to be exact), but the things we do together has taught her so much more. This makes her very happy, my Mom always loves to be learning..

Another example... (besides the stair thing) is.. how about working me on the right side. Being that "dog trainer" thing... Mom tends to work me to the left (where most dogs work)...but again.. what if my new partner needs a right side working dog. (She looks rather uncomfortable having me on the right.. guess she has to work to do with this one... it makes me a little unsure as well!!!)

Listening very carefully to Dave as he gives us training advise!!! (notice I am snoozing... I'll leave this part up to Mom, she'll explain it later to me!!!)

After our training, we did a little tour of the campus... Kelly and I waited outside while Mom toured the puppy house. I remember being there

Mom let me enjoy the snow, looks like it will be about the last I see for this year.

And then it was time to pack up and head for home. It was a very busy weekend, but so much fun. I will be happy to be in my "own bed" again, and back on the farm.. but life was(is) pretty exciting!!! Onto more adventures...

and I am yours..... Chester!!!!

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