Sunday, March 28, 2010

a year

Yesterday (the 27th) was Moxie's birthday.. if she were still with me, she would have been 13. But since she traveled over "Rainbow bridge" her birthday is now celebrated in another manner. It was a year ago, that I decided to become a puppy raiser, and have the joy of this beautiful dog now in my life!!! "Our" boy Chester. Making a decision to be a puppy raiser was certainly a good one.. not only am I having great fun doing this, but this journey has brought many new things into my life... especially... new friends.

And so, as his training continues and our adventures lay ahead, I remember my dear little Moxie in the spirit that is Chester. It is my hope, my dream that he will one day be as cherished as Moxie was (is) and that thru him..
her spirit lives on...
"good boy Buddy!!!!"

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