Saturday, April 16, 2011

steps for Steph

Today was a special, fun and exhausting day. In a city not too far from us, it was the annual MS walk. Kassy had asked Mom if she would be part of the walking team. Now, you know that Mom is always looking for interesting things for me to do.. so not only was it good to be part of the fund raising, but a good training experience as well. And who knows, I could be a service dog for someone who has MS. We got there and it was very crowded, I got lots of attention especially from the kids - which you know, I just loved!!! There was loud music, other dogs, baby buggies, wagons... it goes on and on.

Before we started out, we had a picture taken of our group. We were walking for Steph, she has MS and is also the wife of a Marine. Kassy pulled our group together for her. (we raised a fair amount of money!!!)

After our picture, we headed out. The day was kind of cool, but Mom said that was good, because it was going to be a long walk. Five miles, she told me and Camille.

Now, I don't know what five miles is, but I liked the idea of "long walk", and I found this little stick that I wanted to carry. Mom didn't see any harm in that, so she let me keep it. It was a nice walk, it went all thru the city, so I got to see lots of different sights along the way. Nothing bothered me, I was just having a great time, walking with Mom and Camille and enjoying all the other dogs and people.

It took us a little time to do the whole walk. And it was great fun, but just for the record... when we got back, I was pretty happy to find a little spot of the of the way and just crash. Mom and the others had a bite of lunch, and everyone commented on how good I was (Camille too) that we just laid quietly by the table and never fussed about the food all around us. (doesn't every dog behave that way???)

I was happy to get back home, and spent the rest of the night just "resting"... but I love days like this....

Love, Ginger....

Friday, April 15, 2011

puppy training night...

Can you see me?? Mom and her ideas!!! We had puppy training night, and Mom is trying to come up with a "theme" each month. Last night, her theme was "children and toys".. we stopped at the local store where she got all these flying things that she called "balloons"... Then she stuffed the balloons, Abbie, me, herself and Sadie all into the truck. Let me tell you, I didn't think we would all fit - in fact - I wasn't too excited about getting into the truck, but Mom said I had to.. so, no way round it, I had to. At first I was a little worried about it all, but everyone else (Mom, Sadie and Abbie) were having such fun and laughing, that I decided I might as well just join in.

When we got to the training center, many of my friends were there. Everyone helped Mom "set up" the room. They tied the balloons down and had them at all different heights, so as we worked, the balloons were all around us. All of us (puppies) did quite well, and after a fashion, we didn't even see the balloons.

Here I am working with Suzan, as you all know, her Logan has gone to heaven, so Mom asked her if she would like to have me as her companion for the evening. I walked with Suzan beside her scooter, and baby Abbie was pretty interested in the scooter as well. Mom also had lots of Abbie's toys there, and she had Abbie running all around the puppies, petting us and playing with us. Everyone loved Abbie and she certainly loves all of us.

We had a pretty big group tonite. Mom is so happy to see our "service puppy night" growing. We are getting dogs from all over the state, both "trained" and "in training". The humans share alot with each other, and look for all kinds of ways to help us be better dogs.

I found out after training, that the balloons were for another purpose. In memory of Logan, after we were done, everyone set outside. We all had a balloon to release in Logan's spirit. It was a somber moment, and we all hugged Suzan and just wanted her to know how much we love and support her. We missed not having Logan with us, she was such an amazing service dog and she taught us well when we had her with us.

Abbie stood in awe and watched the balloons soar in the sky. Mom said that all this "service puppy thing" is touching us in so many ways, not only has she met all kinds of great people, done all sorts of different things, but she sees that even Abbie will be changed by all the things we do. Mom says that puppy raising is definitely one of the greatest joys in her life...

I agree......... Love Ginger


Thursday, April 7, 2011

puppies together....

Hello everyone, it's me again... Ginger, and look who I got to meet last night.. Mom's "other" puppy Chester!!! From what I understand, Chester was the service puppy that lived on the farm last year... which means, (I guess), that I will not always be living here - but that's another story.. anyways, Mom, Dad and I traveled to NEADS for a "meet and greet". Mom was so excited and talked the whole way down about Chester and how she couldn't wait to see him again.

Chester is now a service dog, and has been matched with a gentleman named Micheal. He looked pretty proud and even though he was happy to see Mom again, Mom knows that he isn't "her" dog anymore. Mom thought Chester's new person is very nice, and she was so happy to meet him and talk about all the things that he and Chester will be doing together.

Mom is always telling me that one day, I might be able to be a service dog, and though I don't know exactly what she is talking about, it sounds pretty important. She also tells me that not "just" any dog can be a service dog, so I guess that makes me kind of special in a way. I know that we are working hard on this, but I like my work, so it's all good.

Our people sure did spend a lot of time talking, so Chester and I just decided to snooze for a bit. It does seem that we spend a lot of time waiting for people. I don't know what they can on about, with us dogs.. it's a quick hello, perhaps some playtime and they we are done..... Humans!!!!

But it was a fun evening, and Mom "hated" to see it come to an end. Chester told me that he was pretty tired from a long day of training, and he was ready to retire for the evening, and then start his new life out with Michael. Mom gave him a big hug and a kiss... and then we were headed home ourselves. "One day".. she kept telling me ... "One day, it will be your turn...." but since dogs live in the moment, I won't worry about one day.. and just think about the now...

Love, Ginger

Friday, April 1, 2011

saying... "see you"......

It is with an extremely sad heart that we share the news that Logan - service dog to Suzan - passed away on March 28, 2011 after battling cancer.

Saying goodbye to any pet is the most difficult thing, but to a service dog, who has been such a part of their partner's life, I think it must be ten fold.

Even though we all "knew" this day was in the making (Suzan had told us about the cancer) no one was prepared. There will be a memorial service for Logan the end of April.

April fools.....

Hi everyone.. well, look who's come to visit!! "T" is here for a few nights while his mom and dad take a little trip. It is so nice to have a big dog in the house to play with.. the cockers can be so grumpy with me!!! My Mom, however, had to banish us to the mudroom, because we were playing so rough that we were moving things around the house!! (that's OK, it was still great fun)

We had a puppy meet at the mall. Because of the prediction of bad weather, only two puppies made it.. Freedom and myself. But, that was fine, because the humans had the chance to chat. Dad, Sadie and Abbie came with us... Abbie was thrilled to find a carasoul in the mall and had a great time riding the ponies. Mom had me sit near it and watch for awhile.. I did fine.

Actually, I had more fun watching the carasoul than "working" under the table...but it's all a part of it. And truly I would rather be out with my people than at home...

And then, the next morning... look what arrived for April Fool's. I don't mind the snow, but Mom seemed annoyed with it... course, it also means another good thing for me... I get to go to work with Mom!!!