Saturday, April 16, 2011

steps for Steph

Today was a special, fun and exhausting day. In a city not too far from us, it was the annual MS walk. Kassy had asked Mom if she would be part of the walking team. Now, you know that Mom is always looking for interesting things for me to do.. so not only was it good to be part of the fund raising, but a good training experience as well. And who knows, I could be a service dog for someone who has MS. We got there and it was very crowded, I got lots of attention especially from the kids - which you know, I just loved!!! There was loud music, other dogs, baby buggies, wagons... it goes on and on.

Before we started out, we had a picture taken of our group. We were walking for Steph, she has MS and is also the wife of a Marine. Kassy pulled our group together for her. (we raised a fair amount of money!!!)

After our picture, we headed out. The day was kind of cool, but Mom said that was good, because it was going to be a long walk. Five miles, she told me and Camille.

Now, I don't know what five miles is, but I liked the idea of "long walk", and I found this little stick that I wanted to carry. Mom didn't see any harm in that, so she let me keep it. It was a nice walk, it went all thru the city, so I got to see lots of different sights along the way. Nothing bothered me, I was just having a great time, walking with Mom and Camille and enjoying all the other dogs and people.

It took us a little time to do the whole walk. And it was great fun, but just for the record... when we got back, I was pretty happy to find a little spot of the of the way and just crash. Mom and the others had a bite of lunch, and everyone commented on how good I was (Camille too) that we just laid quietly by the table and never fussed about the food all around us. (doesn't every dog behave that way???)

I was happy to get back home, and spent the rest of the night just "resting"... but I love days like this....

Love, Ginger....

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