Friday, April 1, 2011

April fools.....

Hi everyone.. well, look who's come to visit!! "T" is here for a few nights while his mom and dad take a little trip. It is so nice to have a big dog in the house to play with.. the cockers can be so grumpy with me!!! My Mom, however, had to banish us to the mudroom, because we were playing so rough that we were moving things around the house!! (that's OK, it was still great fun)

We had a puppy meet at the mall. Because of the prediction of bad weather, only two puppies made it.. Freedom and myself. But, that was fine, because the humans had the chance to chat. Dad, Sadie and Abbie came with us... Abbie was thrilled to find a carasoul in the mall and had a great time riding the ponies. Mom had me sit near it and watch for awhile.. I did fine.

Actually, I had more fun watching the carasoul than "working" under the table...but it's all a part of it. And truly I would rather be out with my people than at home...

And then, the next morning... look what arrived for April Fool's. I don't mind the snow, but Mom seemed annoyed with it... course, it also means another good thing for me... I get to go to work with Mom!!!

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