Friday, April 15, 2011

puppy training night...

Can you see me?? Mom and her ideas!!! We had puppy training night, and Mom is trying to come up with a "theme" each month. Last night, her theme was "children and toys".. we stopped at the local store where she got all these flying things that she called "balloons"... Then she stuffed the balloons, Abbie, me, herself and Sadie all into the truck. Let me tell you, I didn't think we would all fit - in fact - I wasn't too excited about getting into the truck, but Mom said I had to.. so, no way round it, I had to. At first I was a little worried about it all, but everyone else (Mom, Sadie and Abbie) were having such fun and laughing, that I decided I might as well just join in.

When we got to the training center, many of my friends were there. Everyone helped Mom "set up" the room. They tied the balloons down and had them at all different heights, so as we worked, the balloons were all around us. All of us (puppies) did quite well, and after a fashion, we didn't even see the balloons.

Here I am working with Suzan, as you all know, her Logan has gone to heaven, so Mom asked her if she would like to have me as her companion for the evening. I walked with Suzan beside her scooter, and baby Abbie was pretty interested in the scooter as well. Mom also had lots of Abbie's toys there, and she had Abbie running all around the puppies, petting us and playing with us. Everyone loved Abbie and she certainly loves all of us.

We had a pretty big group tonite. Mom is so happy to see our "service puppy night" growing. We are getting dogs from all over the state, both "trained" and "in training". The humans share alot with each other, and look for all kinds of ways to help us be better dogs.

I found out after training, that the balloons were for another purpose. In memory of Logan, after we were done, everyone set outside. We all had a balloon to release in Logan's spirit. It was a somber moment, and we all hugged Suzan and just wanted her to know how much we love and support her. We missed not having Logan with us, she was such an amazing service dog and she taught us well when we had her with us.

Abbie stood in awe and watched the balloons soar in the sky. Mom said that all this "service puppy thing" is touching us in so many ways, not only has she met all kinds of great people, done all sorts of different things, but she sees that even Abbie will be changed by all the things we do. Mom says that puppy raising is definitely one of the greatest joys in her life...

I agree......... Love Ginger


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