Thursday, July 28, 2011

big city work

Hi everyone, it's me again... so, I spent a few days with Kathleen and Bob, and had a pretty nice time living "in town".. then met up with Mom and it was right into the truck, and on our ways to NEADS. Goodness, a gal just doesn't have a minute to catch her breath some days. But, from what Mom tells me, if I do make it to being a service dog, this is probably how my life will be... certainly not boring, that's for sure!!!

So, our check in with Dave and the good folks at the academy. We did the "usual" meet and greet, the humans asking questions and getting good advise from Dave. Then we went on to show him how well our training is going. Mom said this photo was a "practice for our graduation photo", time will tell I guess...

And of course, we had to do our time in the city. I'm getting pretty used to that. We usually spend a little time walking about, sitting near the curb, and then head over to the hospital for all the "cool things to work with".

Do you remember that silly game Mom had us all do at puppy night - the one where we had to squeeze into a laundry basket. Well, here's the reason why... look how nicely I can curl up under a chair that is bearly big enough to "hide" me. (even Mom was impressed!!!!)

Baby Otis has the right idea (I mean, "Otis" - Mom says we have to quit calling him "baby" - he's getting so big!!!!)

We practiced down stays all over the hospital. Not only is it good to work on, but it gives everyone a minute to take a break and just get used to everything that is going on.

Course, we always draw quite the crowd. Even though the hospital folks are used to the NEADS puppies being around, it's still an eye catcher -especially with us.... (we are such a good looking bunch!!!)

We rode the elevators about a million times (poor Mom). T isn't all that excited about them either - course, you can see what Leo and Otis think about it...I'm doing better with them. I do fine in the enclosed elevators, but those glass ones - course Mom totally understands, she would take the stairs if she had the choice!!!!

And then, before you know it, we wrapping up with Dave and heading for home. The days sure go by quick, Mom tells me that summer is almost over.. too bad, I liked summer - this being my first one and all.

saying goodbye for now, Love Ginger!!!

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