Tuesday, August 2, 2011

sick puppy!!! :(

Oh my... well, after being at Auntie Kathleen's for the puppy swap, and then our big day a NEADS, I wasn't feeling too great. Mom seemed to pick up on it, but I wish I could speak human, because I would have told her for sure. You see I had an abscess in the back part of my mouth, I didn't feel like eating, I couldn't swallow very well ( and kept drooling) and I didn't want anyone to touch my head.

Mom took me to the vet and they found it right away. But because it was so sore, I had to stay at the vet where they made me very sleepy. They had to lance the abscess - yes I know -eewwhhh... and when I woke up I felt so much better.

I am on some medicine just to help me feel even better and already I do. I am so happy that Mom knows me well enough to understand that I wasn't myself... and I just want to tell all puppy people that when you think your doggie isn't feeling well... we probably aren't'....

Love Ginger

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