Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SD's by the sea

Tonite, I got to go to the sea. It isn't that far a ride from the farm, and I love to go there. But we were here for another reason, other than the ocean. Our friend Lynn had set up an evening to go and talk to the public about service dogs. It is, afterall, National Service Dog Awareness week, and it looks as though it's going to be a very busy week.

Otis loved the ocean too... he told me that if he hadn't been in his working clothes, he would have gone and jumped right in!!!!

Abbie came along with us. She had fun running on the beach, but when a lady came along and was asking about us... she ran right over and said "my Ginger". I guess she just wanted to be sure that the lady knew who I belonged with!!!!

Mom took us down closer to the water. The salt air and breeze sure felt nice on this hot summer evening.

It was tempting to run into the water, But Mom wouldn't let me go either. she said a sandy dog was going to be enough to deal one, let alone a wet, sandy dog.

We took so photos of Otis and I together (he's getting big!!!) and then we went to Lynn's house to have dinner. There was a nice group there.. Teena and Freedom, Kathleen and brother Leo, Rick and Otis, Linda (our chapter leader).. my family and Suzan and puppy Friday (who might be Suzan's future service dog)....

After that, it was time to give our demo on service dogs. Mom said a little speech about what it's like (and how fun it is) to be a puppy raiser...I helped her by standing with her. Suzan then gave a talk about the laws with regards to service dogs.... and Lynn ended the evening talking about being a weekend puppy raiser.

The crowd that came to see us wasn't so big, but the people that did come, certainly had a good time. They had lots of questions and enjoyed visiting with all of us.

AS it seems with any events that we do together, the night went zooming by and it was time to head for home. We sure do keep busy, us service dogs... but it's all apart of the "job"...

Love, Ginger

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