Thursday, August 18, 2011

workin' all week

My goodness, it has been a busy week for Mom and me. We have been going to so many places and doing so many things, Mom says that "when" I become a service dog... this is how it will be. Abbie and I have become good friends, she really likes me, and I am very gentle with her. She has figured out how to clip a leash on and off, and she loves doing "walks" with me. (But Mom has to watch and make sure she doesn't unclip me in the "wrong places")

We went and watched a parade on Saturday. A "fireman's" parade, which I must say was fun.. but extremely noisy. Mom was a bit worried for both Abbie and I, but we did just fine.

Abbie blocked her ears when it got too loud, and Mom covered mine.....

Here comes the parade....

After that, we went to the "field" where there were all kinds of different things going on. Many families, kids, food.... just the kind of things that Mom likes for me to see. Of course, I got a lot of attention and Mom answered all sorts of questions about me and our work.

The firemen had competitions that they did. Mom didn't even think about it, but each game began at the start line, and the men took off once the starting pistol was fired. I have to admit I jumped a couple of times when it was first fired (so did Mom) but as the afternoon went on, I didn't even notice it....

and just rested in the shade, watching all the activities.... it was a fun day.

The whole week before the Fireman's Field day, Mom had to work at the post office. I am getting very used to being there with her. There isn't much for me to do, except be quiet and say hello to the people who come in sometimes. When the afternoons are very quiet, Mom says she enjoys my company.

I watched how she sorted the mail, and thought that maybe I could do that job as well....

Then I realized..... I don't know how to read!!!!

So much for helping with the mail............

Oh well, some day when I am a service dog.. there will be lots of things that I can do.. but right now, I am just growing up and getting ready for my "job" ahead.... and that's OK with me.

love to all.... Ginger

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