Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a summer party

The month of August, not that I know it to be any different, but Mom has told me that this is the last month of summer. Do the seasons change? I remember coming to the farm as a small puppy and seeing the snow come, then the spring and the summer, but somehow I get the feeling that it's all going to change again. Seems strange to a dog.

Since it is the end of summer (or so I am told) Mom and Dad hosted a party for all the service dogs and their families. Everyone came, and it was very fun for me to have all my friends here at my house.

We all met on the front lawn (because the back isn't finished yet) and Dad cooked good things on the grill and everyone brought something special to eat. Course we puppies couldn't have any of the people food, but it sure looked good. We had a great time visiting with each other.

Abbie and Otis are becoming very good friends. I don't mind sharing her with Otis.. she can teach him good things about being around kids!!!

And after a long and very fun evening, they "crashed" together.... Mom says that raising service puppies is a very special thing, and it brings her many wonderful times...

I am thinking that being a service dog just might be the same...

love, Ginger

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