Saturday, August 27, 2011

going' to the fair

After our check in day... my next big event was going to the fair. I actually got to go twice with Mom, and what a fun, exciting place it turned out to be!!! We met up with Otis and Joe, I am always happy to see them. Mom tried to take our photo, but she had a hard time "seeing" Otis and Joe... course, I look great!!!

I can't even begin to tell you about all the things we saw. But I found it all interesting and Mom said that was a very good thing.

When it got really dark, the rides lite up, the music and sounds and smells were all very fun. I watched all kinds of people, and "talked" with many of them. Lots of people are interested in service dogs!!!!

and I can also tell you, all that food smells pretty yummy....

Even though it was quite busy, we talked with so many folks, that after a while... it was just easier to lay quietly and wait.....

The next afternoon we went back again. On our first visit, Abbie wasn't with us, so we had to be sure and take her back for a visit. I got to see many more animals the second time we went.... these piggies were as interested in us as we were in them!!!!

You know that I can make friends with everyone. This gentleman was one of the fair volunteer's and each time we passed him, he just had to say hello to me. It's "hard" work (hardly) for a golden, but I am willing to do it!!! :)

We went over and watched the horse pulls. I am very used to horses (we have five you know), but I was pretty fascinated with these big guys. They are strong and the pull is quite exciting.

It's loud too, and there is much that goes on... I had a good time watching all of this...

But, I have to say.... I am glad that this isn't going to be my job... doubt I could pull like that!!!!

As the day came to a close, we heard that the fair is closing down a day early... something called a "hurricane" it on it's way, and the humans say that we need to be home where it will be safe....

But as far as "fairs" go... they are fun in my book!!!

love to all, Ginger

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