Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the great puppy swap

At Dave's request, all the Mom's (and Dad) of the Maine puppy chapter did a "swap the puppies" for a few days. Mom was sad that I was "leaving her", but really - it's a good experience for us to try living in different places.

The swap went like this... Bernice took Otis, Rick got Leo, Kathleen got me.. and Mom got T.

I don't know.. does she look like the poodle type... I'm thinking goldens really are more her style!!!

We did the swap at puppy class. So Abbie was in bed when T arrived at our house.. the next morning, Abbie couldn't quite figure out what he was. Mom told me that she kept saying "where's Ginger" (she really loves me, you know)...

She did however, find T interesting, and tried doing his obedience work with him - like she does with me. But T, not being around babies much, didn't understand her....

However, she did decide that "T the pooda" was a pretty good guy and for the few days that he was at our house, she enjoyed him as well.

I had a pretty nice time with Kathleen, she lives "in town" so I had some good walks with her and Bob in and around the traffic. The puppy swap was a good idea, even if it was hard on the humans!!!

Love to all, Ginger

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