Thursday, July 14, 2011

4th of July weekend

Hey, it's Ginger... and we just celebrated a holiday (I never know exactly what humans mean with all these fancy words - like holidays), but what I can tell you is there was lots going on and I was right in the middle of it - which is where I like to be. The holiday - 4th of July - Independence day....

We packed up and went to "camp". I like camp - it's much smaller than our house, and it's right by the lake. We had a lot of visitors, both human and k9... so I decided that this little rug would be my quiet place. Course, I really didn't stay there much, because it was so fun being with everyone.

Mom got the "cooker" (as she calls it) going, seems a little silly to me to have a fire when it's so hot outside. But the humans liked it and cooked some marshmellows and other things.

Dad got the boat in the water, and gave rides to everyone who wanted to go. You know, of course, that Mom thought I needed to have a boat ride. I am up for doing anything Mom wants me to, but I didn't see the big deal about this boat.

Camille hopped right in - she's done this before. And cuddled right up to Mom and got all ready for her ride.

So I cuddled in as well, and let me just say ---- I loved the boat!!! Dad took us for a nice easy ride around the lake. We saw lots of other boats, people swimming - dogs riding on other boats.... it was GREAT.

I must admit, it was so great, that I even took a little snooze as we went along... it's so relaxing being out on the boat....I really couldn't keep my eyes open...

Course, I wasn't the only one... Otis and his family came up for a visit and a ride... we couldn't even get Otis out of the boat!!!! (well, hardly)

I also tried my paws at swimming. Now, I can't say this was the most exciting thing I have ever done. I'm not sure if I like swimming or not (Mom says I need a couple more tries).. Banjo however, loves to swim, and he kept pushing by me and jumping in. Charlie and Trevor like swimming as well.. Camille told me she only goes in when it's super hot.

Ya, I'm going to have to think twice about this swimming thing.

Later during the weekend, we went to the fireworks with Otis and Mindy. I liked the first part.. meeting so many people and walking around the city. But I have to say that when those fireworks began booming, I wasn't impressed. Mom asked me to "stay" and work thru it for just a little bit and then she took me back to the truck (Otis by the way, slept thru them!!!)

I guess if I had my choice between fireworks or swimming, I'll chose the swimming. I'm glad that Mom gave me a break - she knows just what to do.

But overall it was a very fun weekend, and it is my hope that your 4th of July was just as happy...

Love to all --- Ginger...

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