Monday, February 21, 2011

a day at the mall

Today, Mom and I took a field trip to the mall. It was a cold and wintery day, so it was the perfect time to take an outing like this. The mall was very busy, because it was a "holiday"... but that didn't bother me, I like seeing all the people. The only hard part is, sometimes Mom lets me greet them and sometimes she says, "no, we're working"... I would like to just greet everyone, but I guess sometimes that can't happen.

We had lunch at alittle place in the mall, and I just layed quietly under the table. And then we walked around some more, and Mom found a bench and we practiced "under" again. Actually by the time we did this, I was happy to do so... being in the mall, with all that walking about, and handling all those surroundings, is still tiresome for a "not quite six month old" puppy...

But then we went into one store, and the most incredible thing... I thought I saw another dog in the store. And the dog looked a lot like me.... I looked at Mom to see if she saw this other dog....

She just began to laugh and took me closer to the other dog.. and you know what, there wasn't a dog there at all... it was me!!!! Mom said something about this being a mirror and she took me closer to check it out. I wasn't afraid, I just thought it would have been fun to play together.....

but, one thing for sure.... I am really good looking, and I didn't even know!!!!! It was a fun day, and I would like to see myself in more mirrors!!!!

love, Ginger!!!!

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