Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first birthday...

Hello everyone, and Happy Birthday to me!!! I am officially (September 6th) one year old!!! It's been a very exciting and fun first year, I have done, learned, seen and been many places. Course, it also means that the time for me to move to "higher" training is close at hand, and I will be saying goodbye to my first family.

Baby Abbie and I have grown up together over the past year. We are great friends, and I know that we will miss each other. But, I have a bigger calling and Mom says I am more than ready to take on the challenges that will come my way.

I fear that Mom hasn't kept this blog as current as she had hoped to. But she has talked about me on the farm blog, and on facebook, so there are plenty of ways that my "fans" have kept in touch with my life here on the farm. But to celebrate my birthday, here's what's been happening over the past month....
my friend Banjo came to visit with us for a week. We had such a great time together, playing rough!!! I can't do that with the cockers (they won't let me) but Banjo was always up for a good game of "rough and tumble". I love to play with other dogs, especially ones that are my size.

And then, Mom got her "summer car" out, and we had lots of great rides... topless!!!!!

I have been to parades.. and "helped" the children collect the candy that was thrown out to them....

And I went to another fair, and met Sparky the fire dog!! I thought he was really cool, and tried so hard to get him to play with me. He didn't, but I still managed to give him a big kiss!!! Mom said that if I had spots, I could have been a "fire" dog, instead of a service dog!!!!

I have turned out to be very handsome, and wonderful (even if I do say so myself). Mom says that I am going to be a very special dog to someone wonderful, she's excited to see "what I become" over the next year.
Mom has "promised" to keep my blog a little better in the next few weeks, and one day, it will be printed and given to my new "whom ever"..
but for now, I am happily living at Sweetgrass Farm and enjoying life to it's fullest... as we all should..
and I remain as always - yours, Chester

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