Monday, December 7, 2009

what is this?????

So, as if my day didn't start out exciting enough... do you know that humans bring real trees into the house??? Well, mine did anyways... and then, they began to put all kinds of "balls" on it. The kitties and I have been told "not to touch", and they watch us very carefully... just to make sure that we don't... but what ARE they thinking.. a tree covered in balls... that's almost too much for a puppy!!!
But then..... the MOST amazing thing happened...

We went out side for "last call" (as Mom calls it) and when I stepped out onto the porch.. the world was so different from what I had ever seen!!!

It was cold, and wet, and white... and I LOVED it. Right away I began to race around!!! Mom kept telling me "better go now".. but how in the world can you think of doing "that" when there is all "this"!!!

I zoomed, I rolled, I ATE, and then I did it all over again. Mom just shook her head and laughed at me, she tried to get some pictures of me and my first snow... but I fear I did not stop long enough for her to do that.

We stayed out to play for a little bit, and then it was getting to be bedtime and we needed to go in. I wasn't too impressed that this "snow stuff" sticks to my paws....

but, I think I like it overall.

Snow and Christmas Tree... add to more things on my "I know what that is" list......

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