Sunday, September 2, 2012

goin' to the fair (8/25)

well.. turns out that going to the fair, is Mom's and mine last big outing... I have been called back to NEADS - time to continue with my advance training. So, Mom wanted our "last big date" to be fun, and we headed out to the local fair. We saw horses (so what - I "live" with horses!!!) but also all kinds of other animals... oh yes, lots of people.. but also.. Lots of food.. sometimes I thought if I could only pick up a small part of what was all over the ground!!!!
Actually, the fair - in my opinion, was rather boring... everytime Mom stopped to do something (or talk to someone - which was very often) she put me on a down.... ho hum.... I felt like all I did was "downs" all night!!!!
See, here we are again!!! at least this time, Moxie had to do them -- as did Joe. Now,  Joe.. he's a real NEADS service dog, and belongs to a friend of Mom's. Joe told me life as a service dog is pretty good.. and if I make it, I'll have a good life...(and if not, that's ok too...)

Moxie... do you think we'll ever be able to get up again?????

Finally, something exciting... we walked over to see the mid-way!!! This was really neat, all the lights, the sounds, people were laughing, shouting... screaming....
I had a great time going around and watching all of this.....
too bad dogs can't ride... I would have liked to try....
Sadie asked if I was having a fun night... I think over all I did.... big hugs....

my last adventure with Mom... :(


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