Sunday, September 2, 2012

Firemen's Muster (8/18)

Today we all went to this "thing" called "a firemen's muster"... it began with a rather big parade. This parade had lots of firetrucks in it, and you could hear it coming, long before it even arrived. Everyone was so excited, and I thought all the attention was quite fun.
I have to say the sound of it was very loud (even Mom said so)... she watched over me carefully, telling me that if it got to be too much, she would take me away.  I did just fine, but I was glad when it was over.
There were a quite a few people at this event... but I recognized one little girl right away... Abbie and Sadie rode on one of those big trucks in the parade.
After the parade had gone by, Mom and jumped into her little car and headed to the "muster games"... what a fun car this is to ride in... Mom said that she has all her puppies ride "topless" in the beetle.  I love it, because the wind blows by and you can see everything.... (though Mom had a pretty tight hold on me)
At the park, where the games are held, there were tons of people. Many of them knew Mom and asked "who do you have this year".. I guess they know that Mom does this "service dog thing" and that each year, she'll have someone new... I got lots of pats and compliments...

Abbie had the best time in the bounce house. She would hop around for awhile and then call to me. I think it would  have been fun to join her in there... but Mom said "no"... so, I just kept a careful watch.....
I did meet another "interesting character"... sort of like the "dog" I met at the birthday party when I first came... he certainly didn't look like a dog to me... but I gave him a hug just the same.

so another adventure to add to my list of things I've done...


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