Thursday, May 15, 2014

therapy dog weekend (5/5/14)

This morning, Mom, Livy, Camille and I all packed up early and headed out. Mom said we were going to a "therapy dog seminar" and even though this really isn't for me... she said that I would be able to have a good time and see some new things. Sounds good to me, I like new things!!! So, we get to where we are going, and I see tables all set up... but this is where I usually go to puppy school, so something is different for sure!!!!
Then Scott comes in and begins to set up a bed!!! Right in the  middle of the room, and I also notice there are lots of other pieces of equipment... walkers, canes, wheelchairs... and so I now think.. "oh this is what Mom said when she talked about some new things!!"
It was fun to see other dogs arriving too.. and I got to  meet some new friends. Some even smaller than me - even though they are older than me -  and one big dog... well, he even looked a little like me!!! Mom said maybe one day, I'll be as big as that lab is!!!
This is Brian... he's a Skye Terrier... Livy was quite taken with him. He was very nice and he liked both Livy and I very much. He's kind of a "funny" looking dog, but I thought he was pretty cool. 
Then it got down to "serious business"... all the humans had to sit and listen to the teacher... and as you can see, the dogs knew just what to do. Mom said they would certainly become therapy dogs this weekend... she was impressed how nicely everyone behaved. 
But, it wasn't all "sitting around". The dog handler teams had to prove that they knew how to work. I got to work a little bit, but since I'm not heading in this direction for my "work".. Mom and I mostly helped out... (I was the distraction puppy!!!)
The students learned all sorts of thing, so it wasn't just the dogs who had to "behave".... this is Rangley, and he was practicing on how to behave around someone who is in a wheelchair. They did very well.....

So even though this really wasn't "for me"... I did get to do some new things, Mom had me walk with this wheelchair, and I practice some of my obedience lessons, but mostly, it was a day to be out and about and seeing what there is to see... 

and any day like that is fun!!!!

"a year with Danny Boy!!!" 

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