Thursday, May 15, 2014

a picnic (5/11/14)

well... look where we are today!!! at NEADS!!! and as you can tell, we're here for a party!!! Mom and the other Maine puppy raisers.. and other puppy raisers are here to celebrate puppies and being together as the raisers. Everyone was so happy to come to this event, and I can tell  you, it was so much fun!!!!!
It just so happened that I was the youngest puppy here... so bring on the cute factor!!!!
And I was so happy to see my friends... course I snuggled right up to Dave!!!!

                                                           Go ahead... hug the puppy!!!!!

After I got lots of hugs and kisses, and Mom got to talk to a lot of the other raisers, we went inside to have our photo done. I got to have a couple of photos done.. one with the Maine group and then one with just me, Mom and Abbie  - oh yeah, forgot to say, that Abbie went with us as well......
There were other things to do other than visit and do pictures.... they had a duck race just for us!!! All the "duckies" had numbers on them, and who ever duck crossed the finish line, they won a prize. Well, those silly ducks got all caught up in one place and they weren't moving.....
So Gerry went over to the edge and helped to push them along.... Mom was just hoping that he wouldn't fall in... (which he didn't!!!)
Duckies at the finish line.... I wonder if one of them was mine!!!
and just to state ... if Mom had let me go, I would have been more than happy to jump in that water and help those duckies along!!!! Mom said she might be in for an "interesting summer with me at the lake".... have to say, that sounds kind of cool.....
Back to the party.... after the race Gerry and Dave handed out awards and certificates for all kinds of things.... (our duckie didn't win)... the awards were for the puppy raisers and the number of years that they have volunteered. Two families have been volunteering for NEADS for 11 years!!! and one of them was Kathleen!!!!!
There were a lot of people and puppies there... it was such a nice day and Mom said she had the greatest time!!!!
Me too... I met a lot of new friends, as well as friends that I already knew.....

But I have to say... I sure did get tired, and at one point, I just gave in and Mom had to carry me. (which she says won't be happening much longer.... I'm getting heavy!!!)

We'll be coming back to NEADS soon for our check in day... I like coming here, but today was certainly one of celebration and fun!!!!

a year of training with Danny Boy!!!!!

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