Tuesday, October 16, 2012

shaking at puppy class

I paid another visit to my wonderful vet to finish up my puppy shots. Course that also means getting on the scales... but Mom says that I don't have to be weighed for her to know I have grown. She says I am getting heavy when she picks me up to get into the jeep. I weigh 24 lbs. now, I'm as big as the cockers, and growing right on schedule!!!
While we were waiting to see Dr. Nikitas... Mom came up with this new word for me... "under". Then, with some treats and guidance, so got me to go under the seats that we were sitting on... Oh.. wait a minute!!! UNDER!!! I get it!!!... why didn't she just tell me that in the beginning????
Look... you can hardly see me. I guess that's what this is all about... "hide under the seat!!".....add another big girl word to my list!!!!
Now, because Mom is a teacher, I attend alot of obedience classes... but on Monday nights, I work with Auntie Kathleen (because Mom is busy with the other puppies)... and last night I had my first "official" graduation.... here I am with Kathleen and Mom...how do you like my little hat.....

But a really weird thing happened in puppy class tonite. While we were all working and enjoying class, the building we were in began to rumble and shake. Many of the dogs were barking and quite upset, however, Moxie, Marv and I just looked about like... what' that. Camille was very upset and Mom wasn't too happy either.... seems we had an EARTHQUAKE!!!! Now, I am just a puppy, so I have never been threw an earthquake, but I guess (at least around here) they aren't a common thing. Even though it didn't bother me, Mom says she is very happy that we don't deal with them often and she would be just as happy not to have on again.....

rocking and rolling, life with..... Rylie!!!!

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