Saturday, October 27, 2012

a pumpkin outing

Well.. here I am, all dressed up, which means one thing for sure... we're off on another adventure!!! I love going out and about and seeing new things, I wonder what this trip will have to show me.

Abbie came with us, she was all dressed up too. Mom called it her "Halloween costume".. this is bound to be something special for sure.
When we arrived, there was a wonderful smell in the air, and as we rounded a corner, this was the first sight I saw. Now, I have seen pumpkins before, but this was different.
There were pumpkins everywhere!!! Hundreds and hundreds of them... no matter where you looked, there they were. I thought they were pretty great, and I was happy to hop up in this chair so  Mom could take a good picture of me with them.
I loved the smell them. Mom said it was fine for me to check them all out.
After we had been there for a little bit, we noticed that some people were coming around and lighting the pumpkins. Now, you could really get their wonderful smell, and as they began to glow, it made a very pretty sight.

Abbie was just as fascinated with them as I was. We spent a lot of time looking at each one. There were a lot of other people there too....
The place we were at is called "LL Beans"... it's a famous store and there was a big boot that Mom wanted to take our photos on. I always love to cuddle with Abbie, so I didn't mind being put up on the boot so we could pose.

Isn't this great fun??? I love you guys!!!!
There were so many pumpkins for us to pose with.
Of course, I got a lot of attention as well. People are so interested in the work that I am hoping to do, and they always like to stop and pet me, and talk with Mom. I love outings like this......
So, that's the story of my great pumpkin outing... and there will be more adventures ahead I am sure...

but for now, that's the life with.... Rylie

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