Saturday, October 20, 2012

Moxie came to play..

My friend, Moxie, came to play the other day. That's one thing about being in the puppy program, there are other dogs that are my good friends, and I get to see them quite often. But on this day... it was Moxie's turn. I want to grow up and be just like her!!!! (and I like to copy all the things that she does!!!)
Rick, Moxie's Dad, was there too... (bummer!!!) because I know we would have played much "harder and rougher".. but Rick... he didn't allow any of that. He thinks that rough play is a bad idea and he kept a careful eye on the two of us!!!
Several times he reminded both Moxie and I to "play nice, play gentle"..... party pooper!!! But I guess he didn't want me to get "hurt" and I think that NEADS doesn't want us to learn to play "mean"....
He was much happier when we played games that looked like this... and ya know, it was just fun having Moxie over... so I guess any game that we can play together is good....

life with Rylie!!!!!

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