Friday, February 15, 2013

I met some brownies...

This morning, Mom put me in the tub and we had a good grooming session. She said that we were going to go and meet with some very special people... some "brownies", she called them. I was a bit confused... aren't "brownies" the things that you bake in the oven??? I didn't know that "brownies" were people. We went to a school where a group of wonderful girls were very excited to meet me.... and I was told that these were the "brownies!!"  Needless to say, I was almost excited as they were!!!
Mom allowed me to go "out of work mode" and gave me time to smooze with all the girls.... I got tons of hugs and kisses... but then I had to settle down (and the girls did too) while Mom gave a little talk about being a puppy raiser and the jobs that service dogs do. I laid quietly at her feet while she talked, just to show the girls how good I can be. (No one believed that I am just 8 months old!!!)
After the talk, the girls asked questions, Mom said they had some really good questions. It made her happy to know how carefully the girls were listening and how interested they were in service dogs. Then they wanted to take a group photo with me.... just where I like to be... in the very center of things!!!!!!
One of the questions the girls had, was what kind of service dog work could I do. Mom explained that she does not teach any "tasks", but she said I did know a couple of task commands... "lap" being one. So, the girls wanted to see how I could do "lap".... everyone wanted me to do it for them. I that was a lot of work!!!) but each time I was asked... I did "lap" for them.
Now, there was one little girl who wasn't as excited as the others. She was a little bit afraid of me, and it took her a long time to pet me. When she saw all the other girls asking for the "lap" command, she said she didn't want to do it. Mom told her that was completely fine, that she didn't have to. But as she watched all the others, she finally decided that she would try. She very softly asked me to "lap" and I carefully crawled up into her lap, being as gentle as I could. A big smile came to her face, and she even gave me a hug, which surprised everyone.  I know how to turn on the charm when I have to.. and I made a brand new friend in doing it....

Just before we had to leave, the girls put a brownie cap on my head and made me an official brownie member!!!!!  So, one day I might be a service dog... but I am already a brownie!!!!!!

life of ..... Rylie!!!!

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