Friday, June 1, 2012

getting ready to go.....

Today (May 24th)  I went with the family to visit the vet. I haven't seen much of my vet here in Maine, because many of my puppy visits were done by the time I came to my family... but Mom said that I needed to be "checked over" because it's time for me to think about heading off to college. I wasn't one bit worried about the vet, but Abbie wanted to be sure that I wasn't nervous.

I'm not... I decided just to take  a little snooze while we waited.

 I met a new friend... along with getting a good health report. Too bad I didn't see these folks more often... they're super nice and I loved them.

The vet checked me over from tip to tail, said I was in perfect condition - even with my weight. So, looks good and the first step is all completed now.
Ready to go..... Norton

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