Friday, June 1, 2012

and chapter three comes to a close

 So, here's the part when I get to answer the question... "how do you give them up".. because I "gave him up" yesterday! We didn't have Norton that long here on the farm. He came in January as an older pup that just needed finish work, but he "finished" pretty quickly. I wished I had him as a puppy... look at that face, but it probably would have been harder than it already was.
We started the day quite early. Norton was needed to have his hip xrayed - which is the start of the health xam that all the "to be" dogs have to have done. So, while we waited for that, Kathleen and I had the rare opportunity to go to breakfast with Dave. It was nice to chat about all sorts of things and a nice way to start a hard day.

We did our "usual" check in on campus. Here's Rick and Moxie... talk about time speeding by.. Moxie is Rick's second dog.. Norton was my third and Monty is Kathleen's 14th (!!!!) dog. It's getting so we measure our lives by "which puppy we were raising at the time". it was a beautiful day, so we all sat outside in the sun. We were again joined by the other full time raisers.

And then into the city. Norton was a little groggy from having his xrays done, but the vet said he could come with us, if we let him go easy. I was just so happy to have that extra time with him, that we mostly walked along and watched the others do their work.

We checked out the train station and got this last shot of the Maine puppies together... Moxie, Norton , (Honor - who was there for fun) and Monty.

All the dogs do well with the trains, even little Moxie did well and this was her first adventure there. Then we went over to the hospital.. Norton and I didn't ride the elevators... he was sleepy!!!

It seemed as though the day flew by. The time had come (AGAIN) for me to say goodbye to "my" dear doggie and send him on his way. There's much training still to do --- as you all know -- but I will watch for those ever important progress reports and plan on seeing this sweet boy at his "meet and greet" and then graduation.

So, my dear sweet "muppet dog" who made me laugh more times than I could possible count.. who gave me some very good lessons in working with a Labradoodle and who became a great favorite!!! I will always have that little spot in my heart that is "just yours"... you are a very special dog and your forever owner will be so blessed to have you in their lives.
Chapter three is now closed..... and I wait for my next "furry friend" to arrive.....

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