Friday, June 1, 2012

start of the "last" week......

(May 25th)
Well, my official day has been announced and on May 31st, I will be going to NEADS and will stay there to begin the advance training. But right now, Mom and I aren't thinking about that.. we're just going to have fun this last week together
On Memorial Day, we met up with Moxie and Monty's families and attend a parade. It was pretty fun.. not only did I have my dog buddies to hang out with, but LOTS of people stopped and talked with my Mom and Dad . They were wondering what kind of dogs we are, and all the Mom's and Dad's got to tell people about NEADS and the work that (hopefully) all three of us will do.

Moxie's Dad brought her a "stick" to chew on.. just in case she got bored watching the parade. Well, not only did Moxie NOT get bored.. but she didn't even really want the "stick". So,  I took it and enjoyed chewing on it for a bit. Mom didn't know if Moxie is good at sharing or if I am good at taking!!!!

After the parade we went to the bridge. Rick has told Mom about this bridge for along time, and says it's a good place to work with the service dogs. Now, my Mom... she "hates" bridges, so she hasn't jumped on the opportunity-- until today.
As you can see, I had to help her across. But she did it (although she held the rail the whole time)
Sure, you can see right threw the bridge and it does feel sort of funny on your feet... but really what's the big deal. Silly Mom... I made her go across is several times... just so she could "get used" to it (just like she did with me and my training).
Goodness, if Little Moxie can cross this bridge.. certainly a big grown up human can... Come on Mom!!!!
After the parade and the bridge, we went to a cookout with the rest of the family. Everyone knows that I am leaving on Thursday, so I got lots of hugs and kisses... Naomi gave me a huge hug. She told me that she remembers the other service puppies that have been here, and she is excited to see "what kind of dog" I will become.

Mom also took us for a nice dog walk.. it's hard to tell but Hunter and Trevor are with us as well... It was a super nice day and Mom made it special. She's going to miss me!!!!
Ready to go... Norton.

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