Tuesday, May 15, 2012

invited to a wedding!!!!

So, today, I was outside playing and Mom called me in, saying I needed to hop in the tub. Again Mom??? I think I am always having to go in the tub. But, it also means that I am usually going somewhere special..so OK... let's get this done.

 We got into the car (after I was all nice and clean) and I did notice that Mom and Dad were dressed up too. "We're going to a wedding" they told me - but since I didn't know what a "wedding" was... what did I know. They did make one stop along the way... to a car wash. At first I was a little concerned, it was kind of noisy.. but I saw that Mom and Dad didn't care. So, I decided not to care either.
 Oh, I forgot to tell you... not only did I have a tub and was all nice and clean... but Mom even found a bow tie for me to wear... so I guess this "wedding thing" must be pretty special.
We arrived at a church, much like the church that I go to each week, there were all these pretty bows on the seats. But then Mom told me "under" and I realized, wedding or not, I had to behave the way I always do when in church.
They played some very pretty music, and everyone stood up. I peeked out and saw ... the bride and her Dad, walking slowly down the isle. Everyone seemed so excited....
The Pastor came out, and they all talked.. Mom said it was the wedding ceremony...
I just chilled quietly on the floor. I sensed this was very important to the humans. but for me, it was just another practice in church, and being quiet and patient while humans do what they do......
However, after the ceremony, it was much more fun. I got to greet alot of people and everyone was so surprised to see me there... because no one even knew that I had been in the church the whole time!!! I also got to me another service dog!!!! (sadly Mom didn't get any photos of the two of us together).. but his name is Sawyer and yes... he is also a NEADS dog... a ministry dog -- like Ginger. Anyways, I thought the party after the ceremony was awesome. And the bride and groom came to visit just with me!!!

I gave her a big kiss... and told Marci and Chris, (as best I could for a dog) that I hope they have a very happy life together. And that I was very honored to be asked to a wedding. So, now if I ever get the chance to go to another one... I know just what to expect!!!
Ready to go....................Norton!!!!

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