Monday, February 6, 2012

a new doo (for a doodle)

Hi again... Already I am having so much fun here on the farm. I live with all sorts of "folks"... my humans of course, but other dogs ( a lot of them sometimes) and cats, and some big farm animals. And I am making new friends of all kinds as well. This is Karen, and she is my groomer!!! Mom could groom me - she does the cockers - but her grooming table isn't big enough to hold me safely. And she also thought that it might be good for me to get used to a 'groom shop" because chances are, that is where I will probably go when I need a trim. I really didn't need a trim just yet, but Mom said my coat was in such good condition that she didn't want it to get "ahead of us"... so... here I am at Karen's. You know that we service dogs have to look great all the time, especially when we are out in public so much. And my hair was beginning to cover my eyes!!!
Mom left me with Karen and went off to do some things. I was an excellent pup for Karen, and she had me all done within a few hours. I know how to behave on a table!!!
and I can tell that Karen and I will be good friends. Mom says that I will see her once a month and that way I will always stay in perfect condition.

Thank you Karen, for making me look so good, I love you!!!!
ready to go...... Norton!!!!

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