Saturday, February 11, 2012

new friends...

Aside from all the other things that I do.. going to obedience school is high on the list. I go two nights a week, one is my own class that Kathleen and Bernice train with me.. and the other I go with Mom and Camille and "work" as Mom's demo dog. (showing all the new puppies how to do their commands). Dog school is pretty good, course Mom expects great things of me there (which is sometimes hard to do).. but I am always meeting new dog friends.

One in particular is Rangley. He is studying to be a service dog as well. He's older than me (and was a good friend of Ginger's)...and at first he didn't quite to know what to think of me....

But once we got a chance to play, he thought I was pretty good.

And I am always happy to have a new friend and someone to romp with... so, for the next little bit, Rangley and I... we'll be buds!!!

ready to go..... Norton!!!

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