Wednesday, February 22, 2012

working, working, working .....

Hello everyone... it's me again. So, what to tell you... I have been very busy and having great fun. Here I am with Mom (#2) at dog school. Can you tell how much I love to cuddle?? (and do you sort of think we look alike - thought I am much cuter!!!) I am also excited to know that Lorna (Mom #1) and my sponsor, Susan are blog readers!!! so I want to send out a special hello to both of them~!~

Because Mom is the teacher at this night of dog class, we always go just a bit early and I get to have play time with other service puppies. This is my friend, Louie - he is a CCI puppy in training.. we have good fun together.

And here I am, trying to get Maggie out of the crate to come and play with us. I think Maggie is VERY cute - but Mom wouldn't let her out. Mom said that I wasn't being a gentleman around Maggie and she was getting upset with me. So, Mom put Maggie away for awhile... but I sure wished she had been with us.....

Here I am with Scott - he's Louie Dad... Scott and his wife Mary come and help Mom with doggie school.... so, add more new friends to my list.

In puppy school, Mom does this little game that she calls "swap the puppy" and all the humans take turns greeting the puppies and keeping us with them. It's funny how humans all greet dog in a little different manner, but Mom says that's the way it works, and even when doggies are being greeted differently, we are expected to greet each human the same.

I have to admit, this is a little hard for me. First off everyone thinks I am just the best, and second I love people. So, "keeping it together" as Mom calls it, can be a hard thing to do. I am getting much better, and Mom thinks this part of "my work" is really coming along. (but oh - these kids--- the best!!!)

And after a night of training, this is usually what I look like.... it's hard work...
but- that's a dog's life for ya!!!!
Ready to go........................Norton

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